A Splashing Time at JSK Borneo Reef

What did I do for my birthday this year…. Hahaha… I spent the day on JSK Borneo Reef which is the largest reef activity pontoon in South East Asia with a couple of my closest friends….

JSK Borneo Reef is located within the majestic Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and Is just a short boat ride (15 minutes) away from Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal, Kota Kinabalu….

There are a whooping 6 activities which you can have the most amazing fun with family, friends or colleagues and these are the Inflatable Water Park, Snorkelling, Underwater Observatory Tunnel, Sea Walking, Kayaking and a Kid’s Play Pool…

The epic definition of fun in the sun would definitely be the Inflatable water park which is the largest inflatable aqua park in Sabah and features fun and challenging obstacle courses, making it the ultimate holiday destination for family and friends. Challenge your buddies on how fast you can go or who can complete the course first!!! (Note: we did not get to try this as the weather/the pretty choppy sea condition did not quite permit, so next time hopefully)

My day began with a visit to the underwater observatory tunnel… Here you can see under the sea or under the pontoon… the tunnel definitely comes alive with the variety of different coloured fishes swimming past….

Naturally what I was most excited about was the opportunity to do Sea Walking as it was my very first experience and it was indeed awesome to come face to face with the ocean’s stunning coral reefs and tropical marine life with Sabah’s one and only Sea Walking adventure….

Never fear as you will be given a safety briefing and there will be qualified divers and staff accompanying you and guiding you along as you literally glide through the bottom of the ocean and experience a breathtaking view of the sea life like never before!

Sabah’s coral reefs are home to some of the largest, most diverse communities of marine life on Earth.. and you know what???!!! JSK Borneo Reef has painstakingly set up its own coral reef farm, which is located under its sea walking platform as part of conservation and also part of what that enable us to view magnificent giant clams, clownfishes and anemones!!!!

If you can’t dive like me, or are afraid of being underwater (like my daughter)?

You can just put on a snorkelling mask and a pair of fins and go snorkelling in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park! Float and swim and witness the glorious wonders of the sea and beyond…..

You can also opt to do kayaking …. And take some instaworthy shots with the transparent kayak at JSK Borneo Reef…just paddle and enjoy your dose of Vitamin Sea and don’t forget to take photos!!!!

For the younger guests, there is a 2 feet deep Children’s Play Pool that is perfect for young swimmers under the age of 8.

As mentioned, the JSK Borneo Reef is located within the beautiful Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park and that means you will also be mesmerised by the gorgeous nature views of the neighbouring islands – Sapi Island and Gaya Island and take many photos!!! It’s a lovely place for awesome memories…

JSK Borneo Reef is an ideal place for team building or family getaways as there are ample seatings for up to 300 pax, but the number is currently reduced for comfort and safety purposes…

The pontoon comes equipped with toilets, vending machines that supplies snacks and drinks etc, but a delicious packed lunch is provided for everyone

All activities will be guided by the qualified team members there

For more info about JSK Borneo Reef, visit their website and follow their official social media platforms to find out more.


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