Bilut Extreme Park , Bentong

For those who are adventurous, young or young at heart (like me) the Bilut Extreme Park is a place to visit if and when you are around Bentong.

The Bilut Extreme Park is located at Felda Lurah Bilut, the 1st Felda in Malaysia, just about 18km away from Bentong town and is surrounded by lush palm trees/ palm oil plantations….

The Bilut Extreme Park began back in May 2013 by a team of adventurous , nature loving people and they made it possible for everyone else to enjoy nature’s beauty and also the challenges that nature can offer…..

It is a place for family and friends to have a good time… to do some bonding and have  some memorable moments that can live on for a long time….For those with kids, the kids will enjoy the little rabbit farm there is there…

Bilut Extreme Park offers two extreme sports… which are the outdoor sport archery for you to test your skills in a challenging outdoor setting… as well as ATV rides…

The ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) ride/tour is definitely a new way to explore the nature around Bentong while enjoying a fun filled as well as a challenging ride through real untamed rainforests….

The ATV looks like a mini jeep but it is a trusty companion that can transport you into the woods and off the beaten track!!

Naturally, there will be a 5 mins learning and test ride as well as a 15 mins palm trees track with the ATV Marshall who will gauge your ability and to get you used to the terrains and how to manage your ATV through different terrains…

It was my first time and I picked up on it fast and it was definitely exhilarating…I could not believe I was riding it within minutes after agonizing about whether or not I could do it before the trip..

It is easy to learn and though a little hard to manage at certain challenging /uneven terrains, I managed to do it….

The off road ride was exciting as we got to cross a small stream and head up the small hill which left us breathless at both the effort managing the ATV as well as the amazing scenery our eyes took in….

Well, we made it back to the starting point after completing one circle through the terrains, pretty amazed at our own abilities as well as the gorgeous sights and challenges we overcame…yeah, some of us went off the track a little after losing a bit of control over our ATVs, but we got back soon enough….

My verdict??? Yes… I do so want to go another round after this…. hahahaha…

Next up after our ATV ride/tour was trying our hands on outdoor sports archery which is actually a lot more challenging then normal indoor archery as when you are trying to shoot outdoors, there are a lot of interferences which include the wind, elements and etc…..

There is also a certain way to stand and hold your bow and arrow……

And for all of us newbies, the lovely manager of Bilut Extreme Park, Isabel took some time to show us how we should stand and how our posture should be…..

And of course, how we should pull the bow back as well as the correct way the arrow should be notched in that is with the different coloured side facing you….

With that we then took our stand, and aimed at one of the target boards at the lush green 3000sq ft outdoor field…..

I was given 24 arrows….and being a beginner, many of my arrows ended up to infinity and beyond the target…. hahahah

However I was thrilled to find out I got 7 arrows on the target.. and one even on the red circle…. hahaha… pure luck I guess since I did not really know how to aim the thing properly…..but it sure was a lot of fun learning and trying it out…

Verdict: Yes, yes, more please….. it is so much fun!!!

There will be 2 more new games that will be added in this year. The Viper Runner and Archery Tag. The Viper Runner is setting up in a steep landscape. The runner will have to go through over 14 obstacles in the track. Crawling through mud, scaling height, and overcoming fears will give the runner an unforgettable outdoor experience. Our set up is also suitable to be a training place for those viper challenger who intend to join Viper Challenge.

Meanwhile, Archery Tag will also be done by end of this year 2016. Archery Tag is played similar to dodgeball with our bows and patented foam-tipped arrows. This exciting, action-packed game offers the ultimate family-friendly experience that engages everyone. These games are definitely worth a try and I hope to be able to try them out soon!!!!

Note:Bilut Exteme Park is also known as Bilut Adventure Park but the managment is in the midst of rebranding it as Bilut Extreme Park

Location: Bilut Extreme Park, Lot 6776 Jalan Bilut – Raub, Lurah Bilut, 28800 Bentong, Pahang

Opening Hours: Monday to Sundays 9.30am to 6pm   (Closed on Wednesday)

Tel Number: 014 608 8803  / 017 977 0884

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