Cat Cafe in Myeongdong, Seoul

My daughters loves cats. Me? Maybe not so much but I tolerate them and I do have a certain fondness for some cats.

As you would have guessed it, Seoul has a lot of quirky and pretty unique cafes and I have posted one about a sheep café as well.


Our visit to the Cat Café here was not really planned as we have originally just planned on visiting the sheep café but well, we were in Myeongdong and we stumbled on the marmalade cat mascot that kinda resembled Puss in Boots in Shrek, and since it was out last evening in Seoul and our feet was tired, I though “What the heck, let’s just go for it… so I can rest my feet and the kids (ok… not so little) can play with the cats….

The cafe is located in the top level of one the shop houses in Myeongdong and it definitely was a perfect place to get away from the busy street below and rest for an hour or so.

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When you enter the cafe, you have to take off your shoes and leave it on the shoe rack outside.  Slippers will be loaned out for you to wear and yes, it is advisable to wear slippers as I thought my socks would be sufficient (Do not do this!!!) and when I came out from the cat café it was filled with fur and smelled horrible, and I needed to throw it away (well, though the café is clean, the cat need to go to their toilet and when they come out, they do kinda track it around as well)….

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Anyway, you have to pay a small admission fee, I cannot remember the exact amount but it should be 8000 won for adults and 6000 won for kids… that includes your choice of drink. You can stay in the cafe as you like.

One of the reasons I have to admit that I was intrigue with this cafe was that they had pretty exotic breeds including scottish fold, british shorthair, sphinx and even the cornish rex – my favorite there… (the fur is so velvety!!!)

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However, the cashier will tell you a few rules on how to handle the cats as well as the collar code… Blue scarf to signify that the kitty was not feeling very well, so both of them should be handled with care. Red scarf means do not touch or risk getting clawed… As for the un-coded ones, they were the adult cats with no problem at all. However, you are also not allowed to forcibly carry the cats. Naturally, no flash photography was allowed.

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The cats here are pretty clean and are not stinky. You can opt to buy cat treats for 2000 won I think… to feed them. There are cats all over the place on the counter, on shelves, on tables and so on..

While is a faint odor near the cat toilet or the room containing the litter boxes, I never really noticed it while sitting at the table in the middle of the cafe.

So, how to get here?


Take subway to Myeongdong Station (Line 4, blue line) and get out at exit #6. You will see Uniqlo just right in front of the stairway exit and turn left from the exit. Walk towards the BSX shop and turn right. You will see a Banila.Co shop there and a New Balance shop near by…. The cafe is on one of shophouses on the right side (you’ll see the banner)

66-4 Myeong-dong Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea (located along the same row with New Balance shop)

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