Alice in Wonderland 3D multimedia musical coming to Resorts World Genting

I always love me a good musical performance and I must say I am so looking forward to the upcoming Alice in Wonderland 3D multimedia musical coming soon to the Resorts World Genting… so what would be so interesting about this show…

Well, it will be performed in Mandarin with some subtitles, considering it features a Chinese cast.. and well, it features 3D animation characters as well as a real cast…

This Alice in Wonderland is by the Sino- Canadian Cooperative Multimedia Musical and it will combine music, dance and multimedia. This amazing musical has been performed in more than 10 countries including locations like John F. Kennedy Centre in Washington, ACT 3 International Festival in Singapore, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra in Canada, Guangzhou Opera House in China and Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre in Hong Kong

This one of a kind production will see the application of interactive technology in film projection. The performance will be one that redefines the world of musical theatre and the audience can be expected to be awed …

The story will of course be based on the 1865 novel by Lewis Carrol and both the adult and children audience will delight in how Alice encounter interesting characters such as the Red Queen, Cheshire Cat, Caterpillar, Knave of Hearts, White Rabbit and the Duchess…

A story of how Alice chases the White Rabbit before falling into the rabbit hole and landing in the whimsical fantasy world  where a drink of water can shrink you and a bite of a piece of cake can turn you into a giant…and from all these adventures, Alice will then discover more about herself and how she gains her courage and wisdom…

There are 10 original songs in the musical.. which will include ‘a World of My Own’ by Alice, ‘I’m Late’ by White Rabbit, ‘We’re not Waxworks’ by Duchess, ‘Painting the Roses Red’ by Knave of Hearts and ‘What Genus Are You’ by Caterpillar as well as the theme song ‘Brave Dream’ ….

The accomplished cast will consist of Xie Xing Yi who plays Alice. Xie Xing Yi is a graduate of Shanghai Dancing College and Shanghai Theatre Academy and she has appeared in other musicals such as Ji Zhi Bai Lao Hui and Li Fao Shi Tao De….

Xu Xin’s role is as the White Rabbit… and she is also a graduate of the Shanghai Theatre Academy

Zhang Shuhui is the Red Queen… she is an accomplished ballerina and an opera singer and graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy and Shanghai Theatre Academy…

Yang Guanyu will play multiple roles in the musical as both a Poker Soldier as well as the Caterpillar. Yang is a popular name in film and theatre in China and has even appeared in movies such as Warrior Gate and New York Fairy Tale as well as TV drama Sichuan Wang Shi….

Liu Yang is also another popular figure in China . He graduated from the Shanghai Theatre Academy and has appeared in the movie Jiu Chen Yao Ta and TV drama Xiu Li Jiang Shan Zhi Chang Ge Xing…. He will be playing the Knave of Hearts…

And Li Xiang is another Poker Soldier who is just as accomplished as Yang and specialises in singing, piano playing, skating, emceeing and dancing….. Li Xiang has also appeared in film and theatre especially in movie Hao Ming Xian ShengHuang Hai Huai and Kai Jia Yong Shi Zhi Bu Wang….

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Alice in Wonderland will be held at the Genting International Showroom from 17th March to 26th March 2017 at 8pm daily except on the 19th and 26th March when it will be held at 4pm

The production team comprises of Canadian general director, Suzannee Goyette, scenarist and lyricist Wang Lingyun, composer, Qi Feng , visual director Tao Kai and choreographer Yan Wensi…

Tickets to the show are priced at RM268 for VIP, RM168 for PS1 , RM98 for PS2. Early birds can enjoy a 10 percent discount if you purchase tickets before 31st January 2017 . Genting Rewards card members can enjoy 20 percent discount before end January or the ongoing 10 percent discount….

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8 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland 3D multimedia musical coming to Resorts World Genting

  1. I loved watching Alice in Wonderland cartoon by Disney as a child. Can imagine that it’s so exciting that there will be an Alice in Wonderland 3D Multimedia Musical coming up! Not sure if it will be in Singapore next but I hope they will be in RWS Sentosa soon because I love musicals and fairytales! Thanks for sharing 😉


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