SuperStar Gemini returns home to Malaysia from 5 November 2018 until 28 April 2019 as part of Genting Cruise Lines’ ongoing initiative to offer a variety of cruise products and best in class services for their guests in the region…

SuperStar Gemini @ Sea

Grab the opportunity and start your journey with Star Cruises – your ideal vacation option with your loved ones for the upcoming school holidays, year-end and New Year celebrations, as well as during those festive seasons.

SuperStar Gemini onboard.jpeg

The experience will be bigger and more  fun aboard the 13-storey SuperStar Gemini as our friendly crew welcomes you aboard from Port Klang, Penang and Langkawi in Malaysia, as well as Phuket in Thailand – all well-connected travel hubs with easy access and convenience for travellers across the region…


Just hop on and discover for yourselves all those amazing stories you hear about a cruise vacation, especially with Star Cruises. Forget about the hassle of conventional traveling, the packing and unpacking or the troublesome hotel and transportation arrangements for the different destinations.

Discover a seamless, affordable and all-inclusive experience of a cruise vacation as SuperStar Gemini brings you from one amazing destination to the next in Malaysia and Thailand. Discover a variety of SuperStar Gemini’s popular round-trip cruise itineraries from Port Klang, such as the 4D3N Phuket / Langkawi cruise or the 4D3N Phuket / Penang cruise, as well as a special 5D4N Phuket / Krabi / Penang cruise (departing 6 Feb 2019) and a 3D2N Singapore cruise (departing 10 Feb 2019). Alternatively, enjoy the 4D3N Port Klang / Phuket round-trip cruise itinerary from Penang that is also available on selected departure dates.

SuperStar Gemini 2018 MY

Port Klang, which is a stone throw-away from the colourful and vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur, the heritage rich and food haven Penang, the lush greenery and sandy beaches of Langkawi and of course Phuket, the most famous and happening island in Thailand – all popular and favourite destinations that offer a kaleidoscope of different adventures and experiences with each visit every time….


Four amazing destinations in a series of cruise itineraries on board one amazing cruise ship. However, a fifth destination awaits you as the cruise ship, SuperStar Gemini itself, is a destination not to be missed – a floating resort that will add non-stop fun, excitement and relaxation for your entire journey and holiday, while cruising on the open seas to exotic destinations. There is indeed so much to discover and do aboard SuperStar Gemini with many guests proclaiming it to be their most favourite destination of all…

I know I am so excited as there will be a great selection of  food and beverages to choose from including Asian and international cuisines and also your favourite local comfort food from our award-winning chefs….


Not to forget spectacular on board performances and entertainment that is sure to be a crowd pleaser, a variety of recreational, sports and fitness facilities to keep you active, shopping and even more shopping, or relaxing with the on board spa treatments or simply in the comfort of your own room and on the ship – all part of Star Cruises’ promise to deliver exceptional cruise holidays highlighted by its signature, heartfelt Asian hospitality.

So come on, let’s take a cruise with SuperStar Gemini, especially bow that it is currently offering a series of promotions with prices starting as low as RM999 per passenger for the 4D3N cruises…..

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