24 hrs Food Trail at SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting

So here is my second part of my 24 hour Food Trail which was done at the SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting recently…


Sorry it took a little while to get on it as I was busy traveling back to back and there was just so much I just had to do and also catch up…  but fret not.. am back with my 2nd half of the post…

JR Curry/Only Mee


Going on this 24 hour food trail was definitely pretty good as we then found out which outlet was open early.. or open 24 hours etc.. and well JR Curry and Only Mee are actually the same place… we headed there early in the morning, slightly hungry… though you can head there in the middle of the night as well since it is opened 24 hours…


My early morning dining partner was Dory aince my other dining partners were still tucked in bed drifting in dreamland somewhere….

Both of us were delighted to find that Only Mee had some Little Bowl Noodles where we could order and try 4 different types of local noodle dish in tiny bowls with small serving’s portions….

The noodles are all handmade noodles and the same noodles.. with different broths – Assam Laksa, Curry Laksa, Mee Udang and Green Curry Laksa… and well they went pretty well with the broths actually and can pleasantly fill up and warm up your stomach, especially when faced with Genting Highland’s cold weather….



Babajia is a 24 hour outlet at Sky Avenue that serves a decent meal of contemporary Baba-Nyonya cuisine.. and it was our second stop early in the morning trying to squeeze in as many shops as we can….


We tried Roti Jala with Chicken Curry which was pretty decent … The Char Kway Teow was pretty yummy… and my eating partner for our early morning Dory was health concious and ordered a plate of Stir-Fried Spinach which was pretty good..

Once we had our meals we went back to our rooms and rest….

Sushi Zanmai


Sushi Zanmai was one of our main target as the influenzas team and yours truly here just loved Japanese food… Sushi Zanmai has been known to be the genuine conveyor-belt sushi restaurant providing over 100 assortments of sushi and a pretty generous variety of authentic Japanese dishes..


So when we  found out that Sushi Zanmai has opened an outlet there in SkyAvenue, and we were checking out the place… we were thrilled to bits…


We had a whole set of Japanese dishes which made us very happy… and well.. will go into detail in my next few blogpost what we had as there is just too much to just write here….

Nevertheless, this is a must visit place for Japanese food lovers.. as the food is good, the selection great and the service, definitely warm and welcoming…

Nene Chicken


Nene Chicken, our next stop, was founded in South Korea in 1999, with the philosophy of providing a happy and positive lifestyle….


NeNe Chicken is said to be South Korea’s favourite fried chicken brands as well… though there are just so many different fried chicken brands around…

The chicken comes in 3 different flavours – Original, Bulgogi and Freaking Hot. I think the Freaking Hot one is pretty good.. that is if you love spicy dishes…

We also had some black sesame ice cream.. though it isnt quite what I really enjoy though … I am however a boring ice cream flavors kind of person…



Dome is a restaurant that originated from Fremantle, Western Australia.. And its one of my favourite places to be when I need something decadent or to reward myself… because it does serves up some pretty decadent drinks as well and yummy dishes..


We were there and we had some Honey Comb Gold Rush Espreski, Wild Mushroom Soup, Cappucino, Grilled Beef Steak and Salmon Steak..


And the food is definitely as good as it looks…no doubt about it…

Highly recommended if you are looking for a treat.. or to reward yourself with some good food…



Richdad is an all day cafe serving breakfast items, local favorites as well as a combonation of fusion dishes…


We could not resist tucking into their nasi lemak lobster which is surprisingly affordable….and quite tasty…

We also ordered their satay which was quite huge and not too bad…

Texas Chicken


Texas Chicken is a well known fast-food chain that serves up fried chicken and Southern-influenced sides.


For a simple meal consisting of 2 pcs chicken combo set with drinks, cheesy fries and dessert.

If you are hungry and in need of a quick bite that is yummy and affordable, Texas Chicken should be the place to head to.

Llao Llao

Llao Llao is actually a Spanish brand of frozen yogurt which was brought down to Malaysia.. they are naturally a healthier dessert compared to the conventional soft serve ice cream since they contain less fat.


What I like about Llao Llao is you get to choose your own toppings for your froyo, so choose what you want and add it on your frozen yogurt as to just how you want it to be…



Gindaco sells the famous Japanese street snack, Takoyaki. Takoyaki is one of the must have Japanese snack which is made from wheat flour-based batter and prepared in a special molded pan.


It is usually filled with minced or diced octopus, and other ingredients though here at Gindaco they only serve the octopus ones and well you can choose what kind of toppings you like as well..

Personally, I just like the original one, so mine is original and plain…

Eggette Lab


Eggette Lab serves up the uh…legendary Hong Kong Style Egg Waffle, one that kinda looks like giant bubble wrap…


I have been meaning to try this but only tasted one some time ago, so this time, I was looking forward to trying out other flavours as well since my friends seem to be raving about it… So I ordered the special flavour which is 3 in one. Original, Chocolate and cheese… to taste everything… greedy kan???

It is made on the spot so it takes a few minutes to prepare and you need to wait

And that… my dear was the end of our 24 hour food trail… we had plenty of yummy stuff but I can assure you its no easy feat… dare you take the challenge? But even if you don’t, if you fond yourself at Sky Avenue or recognizw any of the above shops… you should have a rough idea about what to expect now right…

Ok..so for more info on the above, please refer to www.rwgenting.com… bye for now…



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