Review 2019 – Tadom Hill Resorts

Just about an hour’s drive from busy Kuala Lumpur, there is an attractive eco-friendly resort situated next to some small lakes made from bamboo….


Yeah, you heard me right… almost all the buildings here at the resort are made from treated bamboo all constructed by orang asli /local indigenious people employed by the owner of Tadom Hills Resorts..


Tadom Hill Resorts is a perfect getaway surrounded by limestone hills, clear lakes, and forest…

I was there with Izryl, one of my besties and adopted brother and some other bloggers and influencers…


We were housed at the impressive Hakka Village…the only Hakka Village in Malaysia and the only Hakka Village built from bamboo in the world…

The Hakka Village is a 2 storey circular building with a courtyard /airwell right in the middle of the building.. pretty much like a round stadium…(forgive my description…)

There are about 12 rooms on each level for between 4 to 6 pax with Air-Conditioning and /or fan…. you have to however share the toilet and bathroom whichI is also inside the building with male toilets/bathroom on the 1st floor and female toilets/bathroom at the lower floor…


Izryl and I had a room for 4 pax or 5 pax .. which was two double decker bamboo beds he took one on the right side while I took the one on the left…

It was pretty interesting to note that there was also a towel rack and vanity table made from bamboo…


Other accommodations range from pre-pitched tents and open-air hammock areas, to air-conditioned, gender-separate quarters including shared baths. Private thatched huts with en suite bathrooms are also available…


Tadom Hill Resorts has 3 small eateries.. and they serve up pretty decent meals… I loved their bamboo rice (cooked in a bamboo) and ayam berempah and also steam boat…


Do not forget to catch the Orang Asli dance as well as the Hakka Village dance which is held in the evening at the Hakka Village open centre courtyard…

Tadom Hill Resorts is conveniently just about 15 mins from the KL International airport and the resort can arrange for transfers to and fro from the airport or the train stations for a minimal fees….


Some pretty exciting activities would be the Bamboo Diving Platform where you can jump into the lake from a height of 5 metres.

Or use the Tarzan Swing to swing yourself into the lake below…

Alternatively… bring your family or friends and row across the lake in one of the Bamboo Rafts….

We certainly had the time of our lives going through the limestone hills area in the ATV and also challenging each other in the blowdart competition…


Then we clambered up a small hill and zip lined across in lake back to the resort…. it definitely was a thrilling experience…


Another activity you should not miss out there would be taking a morning hike to one of the Tadom Hill limestone hills.. it is not too tiring.. and so so worth the little exercise because of the amazing view and insta worthy photo spots..


We had a little bonus where after our little hike up the limestone hill for our breath taking sun rise.. we headed behind the newly constructed bamboo event hall area where there were a couple of small crystal clear lakes.. and when you step on some stones in the middle of the lake, you can actually see your reflection…

THR Get-Together Day_Group Photo_Hakka Village-1296x864THR Get-Together Day_Group Lake Side-1296x864

Tadom Hill Resorts is a lovely place ideal for company team building events, or small groups of friends looking for a relaxing break from the city…. and you know what.. despite being at the edge of the jungle.. you do not quite need mosquito repellant as there are hardly any mosquitoes around.. probably because of the bamboo coal/vinegar processing in the little factories…


Bukit Tadom, Kampung Labohan Dagang, 42700 Banting, Selangor Darul Ehsan

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