Cat Walk Studio, Ayer Keroh Melaka


My best friends dragged me along with them to the Cat Walk Studio… yes.. it was because I was in their car they managed to drag me there… (nah.. just being slightly over dramatic)



I have been to enough animal cafes and cat cafes around (Seoul, Bangkok, Malaysia) to be kinda tired of animal cafes..


My best friends raved about the cafe… And I was like, ok… as I did not really like hygiene at most of this sort of cafes… there always has to be some slight stench and so on.. and when my friends told me they serve great tasting kampung style food… I was even more skeptical…

Hmmm.. usually cat or animal cafes serve snacks or cakes and drinks…and with cats around in the room… hmmm


But when we arrived at the shop and got inside, you will realise it is a pet shop selling cat food, cat litter etc and the cats are all in an enclosed glass room which is spacious, especially furnished with trees doubling up as climbing places and scratching posts, shelves and cosy hidey holes for the cats… totally separated..


The dining space is spacious and clean with big tables in the centre with smaller corner tables for two…

Despite being a pet shop selling cat litter and cat food and what nots.. it is also a cat hotel with two type of room which is ventilate by Aircond (suite) & Fan (deluxe).

It is also a cat grooming place (on the first floor) and most importantly… it is surprisingly or can I say amazingly very clean.. so much more cleaner then I can ever expect…

My besties then sat down to plot… eyh.. I mean plan on what to order.. and we went for the talam set for 4…


That came with fluffy rice with kampung styled dishes such daging salai masak lemak cili api, asam tumis keladi, rendang pegaga, telur dadar (omelette), tempoyak pucuk ubi (potato shoots cooked with fermented durian), sambal belacan, ikan masin (salted fish), you name it… the food came and it was really yummy…


After our meal, we washed our hands with their special soap provided before we were allowed to enter the cat room…

The cats are a mixture of the big fluffy cats Malaysian favour, persians, himalayans, maine coon, british shorthair etc and also the sleek, elegant slim abynissian, cornish rex etc…and there was even a bengal or two…

Some of the cats there are award winning/ competition cats and have won trophies and ribbons which are proudly displayed in the shop …and they are all healthy and active…


You will be given a plate of wet cat food and some cat toys and when you enter the room armed with these… you definitely be the centre of attention from all the adorable kitties… and I had never been in the middle of much attention from these kitties….


The fee you pay for entering to play with these gorgeous and exotic kitties comes with a snack and canned drink as well as a souvenir photo… which is just so worth it!!!


Of course you can also take as many selfies and pictures with the kitties as you like.. just abide with the rules and ask the staff if you want to cuddle the cats or take a pic with the cats..


Overall, it is really a place you should go to if you are fond of kitties…playing with these fluffy darlings are also good stress relievers…

Facebook –

Address – No7 & 7-1, Jalan TU 40, Taman Tasik Utama, 75450 MITC, Ayer Keroh Melaka.

Contact – 017-635 7242

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