Hotel Review – Muar Traders Hotel, Muar


So I was once again in Muar, one of my best friend’s hometown… It was because his sister was tying the knot and so we  came to help celebrate… And for this trip, we decided to stay at the tallest hotel in Muar, the Muar Trade Centre & Muar Traders Hotel…

OK.. To be honest, I had mixed feelings.. I was excited about it as well as somewhat worried, because the Muar Traders Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Muar as well as I heard some not very favorable stories and supernatural stories… So I did not know what to expect…


When we arrived and entered the building, I was a bit surprised to find the lobby empty…

Then I found out the lobby is located on the 6th floor and so we headed to the elevator which is pretty old, by the look and feel of the elevator buttons..


The front office staff was surprisingly efficient and quickly checked us in… We had our rooms on the 11th floor.. And so we headed back to the elevator and up…


We inserted the key card into the slot provided and the room door opened to surprisingly modern and pretty well appointed rooms that exceeded my expectations… With white walls and grey walls, the room was really lovely…


I opened the windows to a beautiful spacious balcony overlooking the Muar River and beyond as well as a good portion of the Muar town…


This has just got to be the most breathtaking view of the whole of Muar… and what’s more, if you get a corner room like I did, you can actually get to enjoy both a magnificent sunrise in the morning as well as an equally glorious sunset in the evening…  Very few places get boast of this..


I also love the fact that the room is generous with power points (2 which has usb points), something all us modern millenials and generation Y need badly…


The size of room is pretty spacious but the bathroom was a little narrow, I bumped into the glass and send it shivering a couple of times when showering…but definitely no complains about the water pressure or heater…


The rooms come with complimentary breakfast at Ayu Café on level 3, and the food there is simple but pretty delicious…

I recommend the French Toast as well as Mee Rebus…

At other times from 10 ish onwards, you can find a Secret Recipe restaurant, Chocoloco Cafe and Domino’s Pizza..


You are actually pretty spoiled for choice staying at the Muar Traders Hotel as it is walking distance to many restaurants (even the Mango Royale Float Melaka and Cendol Kampung Hulu Melaka has opened branches here) and shops in town as well as the mural Street Art the Majlis Perbandaran Muar has been dedicating themselves to, in the bid to beautify this little royal Town and even Tanjung Emas.. so location is perfect!!!


I spent two lovely nights here and I really hated leaving the hotel and my view… Overall I had the most pleasant stay and, in case you are wondering, no I did not see or here anything go bump in the night except for myself… Hehe hehe..

But then again I always make it a point to pay my respects before entering a hotel room, as in knocking the door and “bagi salam” when entering…


Alhamdullilah.. Thank God, it was a wonderful and lovely stay that seriously exceeded my expectations… And yes, I would so stay here again…

Address – No. 16, Pusat Perdagangan Muar, Jalan Peteri, 84000, Muar, Johor

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