A peek into Klook’s new office at KL Eco City


Klook  ( Klook Travel Technology or short for “Keep Looking”) well known as a world leading travel activities and services booking platform, recently officially launched its new integrated office at the KL Eco City, Malaysia, and well, yours truly was one of those invited to check out this gorgeous 15,000 square feet Malaysian hub…

With such a whopping big space, Klook is of course consolidating all major functions such as business development, corporate services, marketing and service operations under one roof…


The rapidly growing Klook has been serving the ever evolving needs of FIT Malaysian customers, both abroad and domestic.. With its mobile app, Klook has successfully digitise conveniently getting your local tours, attractions, activities by partnering with local businesses such as Aquaria KLCC, KLIA Ekspres, to guided tours in Penang and island hopping in Sabah..


Did you know, Klook has more than 500 local attractions and activities on board collaborating with them…


“When we first began in Malaysia, we were primarily focused on theme parks and must-do attractions in countries like Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Japan. However as the business expanded, we also saw that domestic travel in Malaysia was growing rapidly. This was a clear sign that we needed to double down – expanding both our offerings and team here,” said Marcus Yong, Regional Marketing Director for Klook Southeast Asia.

The new space will also house one of the company’s largest regional customer experience teams. The multilingual team is comprised of more than 100 people who speak a total of 8 languages and provide around the clock support for Klook’s customers across a variety of channels.


“Our new ‘home’ in Malaysia will help solidify Klook’s operational strengths. The integrated nature of the office will enable us to be closer to the ground, to work with merchants, suppliers and partners to better serve the needs of our customers.


Additionally, with our fast growing team in mind, we’ve designed the space to cater for workforce expansion in the future,” Mr Yong added.


With the continuous rise of free and independent travel (FIT), many consumers, including yours truly here, too, have moved away from one-size-fits-all tour packages and started curating their own itineraries… That is after all the best since we can plan our own time as well as only spend time visiting those places of interests that we really want to see….


Klook helps to empower these Fit travellers and provide them/us with the best travel experiences… As it is Klook is also working together with partners to bring exclusive events such as the Marvel Run and Marvel Studios Exhibition to Malaysian shores… I have been there, and you can read my experience here… So if you haven’t, do go!!!

Anyway my fellow travelers, keep your eyes opened for the Klook Travel Fest 2019 which will be held from the 28th to 29th September at MiTEC to connect even more Malaysians to more great travel deals!!! I am soooo excited!!!


The event will also involve strategic partnerships with the local travel industry, lifestyle and retail merchants…There will be many exciting performances, games, travel workshops and more…

Klook’s services are available in nine languages, supporting 41 currencies and they have a whooping team of more than 1,000 across over 20 offices worldwide!!!

Klook has also raised over US$520 million investment from world-renowned investors including Sequoia Capital, Softbank, Vision Fund, Matrix Partners, Goldman and Sachs, and TCV…

For more info, do check out the Klook App, www.klook.com  or check out their Instagram at @klookmy…

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