Skytrex Adventures Sungai Congkak, Hulu Langat, Selangor

The latest and newest Skytrex Adventure park is located in the cool and forest area of Hulu Langat….


Set in a beautiful picturesque forest reserve, with a charming backdrop with crystal clear rivers, waterfall and forest… This is the place for nature lovers as well as for those who love to challenge their own limits….

The fourth park opened by Skytrex Adventures, the Skytrex Adventures Sungai Congkak differentiates itself from it’s sister parks by emphasising more on its Flying Fox lines….

Surrounded by the beautifully serene Sungai Congkak Forest Reserve, you can climb up, fly or zip line through the trees and scream out, as well as admire the lush greenery and clear waters of the river stream..


Skytrex Adventures Sungai Congkak offers three attractive packages available for visitors, namely the River Thrill, Rapid Extreme and Double Dare….


As usual before releasing us for our actual adventure, we sat through our invitation and training by one of the staff… 

We went through the Rapid Extreme, which was pretty challenging with 25 obstacles, which involves a lot of climbing as well as zip lining or Flying Fox… For me the climbing was the one that was supper challenging.. Huhuhu as it sure was exhausting on my not so well worked out arms and legs…

Skytrex Sg Congkak is located in a pristine forest and so it is recommended that you should continue to the riverside for a picnic, or to wade in the lovely river or well dip and swim…

Skytrex Adventures have also came out with their Green Pledge practices they hope everyone can comply with also….

Single use plastics and straws are discouraged to be brought into the area….

Use of Styrofoam is strictly prohibited at the park. Please bring re-usable food containers, cups and cutleries that you can take home and wash after use….

Skytrex sells mineral water at the park and encourage their guests to reuse the plastic bottle.  So do bring home the bottle for future use  or dispose properly at the recycling bin provided at the park..

You can also find can drinks sold at the park and are adviced to dispose the cans at the recycling bin provided at the park.

The team at Skytrex Sungai Congkak practise recycling at the park, so please follow the instructions provided at each recycling bin provided….

There are however no bins for food waste and wet rubbish, so you are required to take these rubbish back and dispose at your home or at least outside the Skytrex compound…

For those who want to know more about Skytrex or buy tickets online, head over to Skytrex’s website at

Address – Batu 20, 1/2, Jalan Sungai Congkak, Kampung Padang, 43100 Hulu Langat

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