Hotel Review 2020 – 8 reasons why you should stay at the Weil Hotel


Weil Hotel strives to be extraordinary in ensuring your comfort to bringing effortless and uncomplicated luxury, with the hope of adding more value to your every stay, so, a day like any other day is an extraordinary one at Weil….


The Weil Hotel lobby certainly is bright, welcoming and spacious with high ceiling and sitting areas furnished with chic Nordic style furnishings and soaring high glass windows allowing natural sunlight in…


The receptionist are professional, friendly and efficient and I get checked in in just a jiffy


You have to love Weil Hotel as it is a contemporary urban retreat in the city perfect for those looking to rejuvenate and refresh…

It is also a member of the Preferred Hotels and Resorts, so here are 8 reasons why you should choose Weil Hotel….

1. Super cosy rooms –

For this trip I was staying in a Studio Room about 42 sqm big….. The room came with a generous king-sized bed and since I was tagging my younger “brother” along as well as my daughter, we had an extra spare bed thrown in and it did not even cramp the room..


Our room has a minimalist but contemporary interior, dressed in a combination of neutral warm colors as well as wooden furnishing, which definitely gave us a tranquil feel…


The beds were plush and cosy with generous fluffy pillows and I really slept like a baby…

2. Accessibility to Ipoh Parade –

One of the best and most convenient thing about staying at Weil Hotel is that it is adjacent to Ipoh Parade, and this means you are close to everything you need….


Plenty of clothing store , food store, Parkson, Jaya Grocers, Watson, Caring pharmacy, Guardian, Starbucks, Xin FunTang…anything just next door anytime from 10am to 10pm….

3. Best Infinity Pool in Ipoh –

Definitely one of the best infinity swimming pools around with an amazing view of Ipoh while you lazily float on the cool refreshing water or laze at the deck chairs…


Also one of the best views for sunset at Ipoh city I have to say….

4. Delicious Dim Sum at Lok Sou Hin –


Under Master Chef Chung Ho Shi, Lok Sou Hin Cantonese restaurant serves some of the most delicious Chinese dishes and dim sum…


The main dining area is spacious with  modern lighting that does not hurt the eye…

You get round tables with pristine table cloths and comfortable cushioned chairs  as well as the side rectangle seating…


We were here for our Chinese New Year dim sum luncheon, and I was happy, as I loved nothing better then good dim sum, and Lok Sou Hin definitely serves great ones….

5. Yummy and beautifully presented hi tea set in Rose Gold Bird Cage at Tea Lounge –

The Tea Lounge is located at the first floor of the Weil Hotel… It is a picturesque venue, warm and cozy for couples , best friends, business associates or family to have a drink or indulge in the signature 3-Tier Hi-Tea set that comes served in a rose gold bird cage….


This Hi-Tea set for 2 @ RM64 ++ is available from 12pm to 5pm daily…

Choose from decaffeinated coffee, freshly brewed coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte, or well Tea Drop tea – Malabar Chai, Honeydew Green, Oriental Jasmine Green, Chamomile Blossoms, Peppermint, Lemongrass Ginger, South Melbourne Breakfast, French Earl Grey, My Marrakech and Kiwi Berry….


The top most tier of the 3 tier bird cage are the irresistible Macadamia Cake, Coffee Cheesecake, Fresh Raspberry Mousse, Durian Meringue Tart, Lemon Curd Eclair, Salted Egg Macaron, Pistachio Macaron and Mille-Feuille…

Personally I loved the Fresh Raspberry Mousse, Mille-Feuille and Durian Meringue Tart….


Then on the second tier, you can find  four assorted savouries, from Scotch Eggs, Lamb Rendang with Mashed Potatoes, Petits Farcis and Fish Cakes…. I loved the Fish Cakes and Scotch Eggs…

You can find mini burgers and sandwiches, like Smoked Salmon Brioche, Multigrain Egg Mayo and Tune Finer Sandwich on the bottom tier… And those generously -sliced salmon on the Smoked Salmon Brioche are heavenly…


A couple of warm and delicious scones are also served with strawberry jam and clotted cream on a small plate and it is actually not to hard and pretty good, the last time I ate a scone this good was probably at the Smokehouse in Cameron Highlands…

6. Delicious dinner at the Deck Gastrobar –

The Deck is a sophisticated dining and drinking avenue with panoramic views located at the rooftop of Weil Hotel…


It has a laid back atmosphere with pretty neon signs… We were sitted comfortably before the menus were brought out…


and you also get served their in-house baked Bread with their home-made Herb Butter…


We ordered the Creamy Mushroom Soup which is one of the chef’s specialty, that came served with enoki dumpling and truffle oil…


Then our main dish, the Perak Snapper arrived….. Beautifully prepared, the freshly poached red Snapper came topped with mango Nyonya sauce, apricot and eggplant mousse, maing this dish a favorite!!!!? Oh yes, more please….


Our dinner ended with the Molten Chocolate Lava which was served with Vanilla Ice Cream… Was a little disappointed that the cake did not have flowing chocolate lava but the cake was nevertheless delectably delicious…

7. Cute Bathtub and Culti Toiletries from Milan –

I loved how every room in the Weil Hotel comes with a nice bathtub… I mean once in a while there is nothing nicer then just lying in some warm water filled with bubbles or essential oils from the bath bomb or something right…


And Weil Hotel also provides a sachet of bath salts for you to soak with..


And I have to say the toiletries amenities are of great quality with the Culti toiletries consisting of shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and lotion  all Paraben-free but fragrant and great on our skin…imported from Milan

8. Close to Ipoh Railway, Concubine Lane etc…. –

Weil Hotel is situated along Jalan Sultan Idris which is one of the main roads of Ipoh… And Weil Hotel is less then 10 minutes away to Ipoh Old Town, which means it is very close to Concubine Lane, Ipoh Railway Station, Kong Heng, Book Xcess and so on… It is actually within walking distance if you feel like walking…


And well, let me share 2 new hipster places you ought to out, Platform 9 1/2, which is somewhat Harry Potter themed and pretty affordable (see above pics) and also a new Japanese dessert place called Chakori…

And these are my 8 reasons why you really should stay at Weil Hotel if you are in Ipoh… There are more, like a beautiful breakfast spread or dinner spread at the Tiffin Coffee House, as well as friendly and helpful staff, but the above my personal top 8

Address – 292, Jalan Sultan Idris Shah, 30000 Ipoh

Web site –

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