Sunset Party Yacht Cruise by Avante Yacht Charters


I always feel like a trip to Langkawi is not complete if you have not gotten on a cruise around the many islands Langkawi has to offer… So for this recent trip to Langkawi, I went on a cruise with AVANTE YACHT Charters…

I decided to explore their 4 hour Sunset Party Yacht Cruise and wow… The cruise also included transfer from your hotel… A van picked my friend and me up for our cruise from the Dash Resort Langkawi where we were staying before sending us to Resorts World Langkawi…


There we were registered and given a rubber wrist band as our ticket and also souvenir which personally I thought was pretty cool…


When everyone was there, we were then taken to our specially customized pleasure yacht called the Paladin of the Seas…


It was an evening leisure trip (with get up and dance party music) across the Andaman Sea, where the yacht cruises for about an hour to the Pulau Selat Akar, one of the almost untouched and deserted islets of Langkawi’s many many islands here…

The Avante Yacht Paladin of Langkawi then stops to release the jacuzzi nets for those who want to pretend to be mermaid or mermans or in my case (the dugong aka manatee) lazing around on huge nets…


It can be pretty fun especially when the yacht is slowly moving and you can even feel fishes jumping at you or such if you are lucky… Once you get out from the net, the crew is there with a huge towel for you to dry yourself up with


Then a delicious Gourmet Bento Dinner is served… Food is said to be prepared by Dash Resort Langkawi’s chefs and it is pretty good and filling of course… and we arrive at Pulau Intan…


And our yacht even went as close as it could to one of the caves there and we got to see the limestone formations and bats….that was truly an amazing experience.


Then we got serenaded by our bartender who seriously had a good voice while we waited and watch the sky turn a myriad of colours before the magnificent sun set….


Overall, the crew were all very helpful & friendly.. Drinks are free flowing and the live music & other tunes was just groovy and cool


It was definitely a relaxing and blissful cruise with a touch of fun and yeah all you party people and for those who want to explore Langkawi’s natural beauty should indulge…


For more info or just to book yourself on this fabulous cruise, please contact +0124443920 or email

They do have scenic day yacht cruises too.. So check it out and tell me about it….

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