5 luxurious theme parks to include in your Dubai trip

Dubai is a city that boasts futuristic architecture and glittering theme parks. The city helps you have a great time away from the monotony of your routine life. The various theme parks in Dubai have typically inspired some famous cartoon characters. There is a range of fun-loving rides and slides that one can thoroughly enjoy. You may begin exploring the theme park from Dubai Garden Glow that has incorporated creative technology in the fun-loving rides.

You may then choose Motiongate theme park to replicate the extraordinary vibe of Hollywood, so if you are by any chance inclined towards these stunning theme parks, you are recommended to pre book your Motiongate tickets as the place is pretty crowded during peak seasons. The wild wadi theme park is again inspired by the cultural folklore of Arabs, and Yas water park boasts mind-bending rides. Following are the places that we’ve hand-picked for you for your trip to Dubai.

Motiongate Dubai

If you have been fascinated by Hollywood, then the motion theme park is a must-visit location on your Dubai trip. The park is inspired by the designs and elements of Hollywood. This stunning theme park is also inspired by the famous Columbia picture studios, dreamwork studio, Lions gate studio.

Indulge in the enormous range of adrenaline-pumping activities that can fill your trip with fun and excitement. Whether you are a buff or an adventure seeker, this place has something to offer for everyone. So embark on your journey to the motion gate for an ultimate cinematic experience for the entire family.

Dubai Garden Glow

This stunning Dubai Garden Glow is located in a famous garden in Zabeel Park. This huge 40 acres area large theme park is a tribute to the creative technology of the world’s best brains.
This Dubai park has four primary zones; ice park, Dinosaur park, art park, and glow park.

You will be delighted with attractions like the colorful world, glowing safari, happy forest, etc. Many entertainment options are available: ladybirds, candy birds, water fairies, and talking trees.

Besides, the fun and frolic of the Dubai Garden Glow have taken an incredible step towards utilizing the biodegradable product. Moreover, it introduces kids to diverse flora and fauna and their role in the ecology.

Wild Wadi Water park

Wild Wadi is yet another stunning water park at one of the significant attractions of Dubai–Burj Al Arab. The park is inspired by the old Arabian folklore character.

The park is filled with fun-loving water rides and slides. Being one of the first parks in the Middle East, the highlight attraction of this theme park is Jumeirah Sceirah–one of the tallest and fastest water rides that slide you down from the height of 80 km/h and Breakers bay–the largest wave pool of the Middle East. Apart from that, you can delight your taste buds with authentic Arabian cuisine.

Yas Waterpark

Yas watermark is an incredible theme park on the stunning Yas island of Dubai. As you make your way into the waterpark, you will encounter a range of adrenaline-pumping rides awaiting you.

The memories at this waterpark are going to be utterly special, with over 40 types of fun-loving slides and ride promises to keep you entertained throughout life. This water park’s two highly attractive attractions are enthralling adventure and interactive treasure hunts.

Besides, several cafes, lockers, and children’s play will keep you entertained throughout your day. Moreover, the park facilitates a flexible entry peak hour timing of 10:00 pm to 6:00pm.

Warner Bros World

Warner Bros world in Dubai is a kid-centric theme park spread in the 1.6 million Sq.m. this park is also considered the world’s largest indoor theme park on the planet.

You, along with the kid, will have a great time encountering an array of their favorite cartoon characters. Besides, the Warner Bros theme park has something interesting to offer for adults. Utilizing high-end technology, one can experience mind-blowing virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Every division of this park represents several cafes, restaurants, and grab n go options based on their theme.

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  1. Wahh,I didn’t get a chance to explore all these theme parks during my last stopover last time at Dubai.. 3Days 2 Nights definitely not enough, gonna plan longer trip next time to experience all of this la..


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