5 Best Places to Indulge in Some Delicious Food at IMG World

IMG Worlds of Adventure is a place that brings life to all your crazy imaginations. Whether you want to go on a ride with your favorite superhero or fight through a dangerous Jurassic adventure to save some dinosaur species, at IMG World you get to do Just that and so much more.

The rides at IMG World are one of the best and packed with fun, whether you are a kid or an adult, whether you get scared easily or you want a lot of thrill, there is something for everyone at IMG World. The Hulk Epsilon 3D is a motion theater that takes you in the midst of a battle with Hulk and his enemy. And you scream as you fly through the skylines of New York city as Spider Man saves you from Doc Ock. With IMG tickets, you get the best shopping experience as you buy souvenirs from your favorite zones. With five zones you have multiple options to choose from. And when it comes to food, none of the five zones is less than the other, with many themed restaurants, food has never been so fun. And to help you decide where you want to eat, here are our picks for five best restaurants in IMG World.

Flavors of Arabia
When in Dubai, you need to try Arabic cuisine. And Flavors of Arabia is the best place to do so. Ranking alongside the best restaurants in Dubai, Flavors of Arabia offers delicious Arabic cuisine that will fill your stomach and your soul. Eating here is an experience you do not want to miss out on. Try out something new and add more to your taste palette. A fine dining experience with your family that you would remember for a lifetime, this classy restaurant serves the best dishes for you to try.

Tony’s Skydeck

Any Marvel fan would have the time of their lives, dining in Tony’s Skydeck. The elegant Age of Ultron setup is right up your alley. They serve the best steak and seafood, so if you are craving some, you know just where to go. Dine in Tony Stark’s private restaurant and enjoy the sophisticated lo-fi vibe of the place. Transfer yourself in the world of the Avengers and experience what it feels like to dine in the Avengers Tower. And just like they plan their next mission over food, you can decide which rides you would like to go on next.

Spice Valley
Craving some Indian food? Head on straight to Spice Valley, a buffet style restaurant in the Lost Valley zone. After fighting tiring battles with the dinosaurs, you would need something filling to revitalize you. The meat roasting on the flames is sure to fire up your hunger. Just be careful to come here after you are done with all the rides for the day because you would find it hard to not over stuff yourself with the delicious food.

360 Express
Another really cool restaurant in the Lost Valley is the amazing 360 express. The black and grey ambience is illuminated with a touch of yellow. It is a beautiful restaurant that both adults and kids would find fascinating. Appreciate the dinosaur art at the walls as you wait for your food. Kids do not care about the fancy cuisines; they want the juicy burgers and hotdogs and that is exactly what they get here at 360 Express. The mouth watering food will fill you up and satisfy all your taste buds and you know your kids are having the time of their lives.

CN Feast

When it comes to a fun dining experience, you know the Cartoon Network zone is not going to disappoint. CN Feast is an exciting family friendly restaurant that is situated over two floors. You get to indulge in some seriously flavorful foods with your favorite cartoon characters. While the kids will be distracted with the colorful ambience of the restaurant, you can steal a moment to walk down the memory lane and feel like a kid again. Pose together for bright and colorful photos with your family and your favorite cartoon characters and make memories for life at the CN Feast.

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