All Aboard the North Borneo Cruises, Kota Kinabalu

I definitely had an awesome tome for my birthday this year thanks to Cassie and Sabah Tourism Board who took my friends and I on board the North Borneo Cruises!!!!

I love sailing and the North Borneo Cruises was a wonderful birthday treat indeed as it is so beautiful, tastefully lavish and modern…

The gorgeous 28 feet catamaran has 3 decks you can hang out at, and easily caters for up to 100 people….

We boarded the catamaran which was also fondly known as “Luna” from Sutera Harbour after checking and getting our tickets and wristbands on…you need your identification card or passport for verification purposes…

Then you can get all aboard on a magical evening cruise that will just amaze you…. For a couple of hours, imagine yourself a girlboss or a tycoon on your yacht with some people sailing along the sultry sun-tinged South China Sea, cruising pass the islands and water villages that dot Sabah’s west coast…..

You are free to wander around Luna and take in the sights, sounds and briny evening air… you get mesmerising island and ocean views, the warmth of the setting sun and the breeze playing with your hair while on the upper-deck while a live band serenades the ethnic themed air-conditioned restaurant below with acoustic favorites.

Oh they will require you to be good passengers and go through the safety briefing (pretty much similar to the one on flights) for just about 5 minutes and then you can just do whatever you like…

And frankly, Kota Kinabalu, which is sandwiched between a dramatic mountain range and a coastline overlooking the jungle-clad islands of a protected marine park, is such a laid-back coastal city which is actually breathtaking when viewed from the water. With the North Borneo Cruises, you can actually get a feel of Kota Kinabalu’s stunning sea-side position with a combination of sumptuous cuisine, breezy sea views and live music onboard the North Borneo Cruise.

A sumptuous and generous buffet dinner will be served and yes, the food is surprisingly good and delicious… way more sumptuous and luxurious then the normal evening cruises we get on in other parts of Peninsula Malaysia … heheheh

And if you are celebrating your birthday or such, they will send a slice of cake to your table , all listed up

Luna or the North Borneo Cruises sails 3 times a day every day…..
*in the morning (9.30am – 10.30am)
*during the glorious sunset hour (5.30pm – 7.30pm)
*city night lights (7.45pm – 9.45pm)

For more info, check out

Many thanks to Sabah Tourism Board for the amazing experience

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