Gardens by The Bay, Singapore

The Gardens by The Bay in Singapore is one of my must visit places whenever I go to Singapore… this beautiful park sits on 101 hectares and is conveniently located near Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands….

Gardens by the Bay is made up of three gorgeous waterfront gardens – Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden. Bay South Garden is the largest of the gardens and this is where you can find the iconic Supertrees and award-winning conservatories.

Bay East Garden is a tranquil, beautifully landscaped waterfront garden offering stunning views of the Singapore skyline. Bay Central Garden acts as a link between Bay South and Bay East and boasts a 3km scenic waterfront promenade.


There is a daily light-and-sound show known as the Garden Rhapsody which you should really watch!!! It is really a mesmerizing and awesome sight watching these Supertrees which are also covered with smaller plants light up in a spectacular light show accompanied by music. The Gardens by the Bay light show is shown every day at 19:45 and 20:45. And since it is mid-Autumn, the Supertrees have pretty Korean lanterns which brightens up the place colourfully too

There are eighteen Supertrees in Gardens by the Bay and you can find twelve of them at the Supertree Grove. These magnificent futuristic trees varies in heights and stands anywhere from 25 to 50 meters tall!!!

  • Gardens by the bay light show time/ Gardens Rhapsody time: 19:45 and 20:45 daily
  • Ticket price for the Supertrees Singapore/ Supertree Grove: FREE! Also, the Supertree light show is free

Flower Dome
The Flower Dome is one of the world’s largest glass greenhouse, and every visit there is like stepping foot into a colourful and vibrant wonderland filled with amazing plants and flowers from all over the world….

It is a perfect escape from Singapore’s super humid weather too when you enter the Flower Dome ( also the Cloud Forest and Floral Fantasy) as the Flower Dome replicates a cool-dry climate, offering visitors a cool, comfortable and enjoyable experience…..

The huge “egg” shape Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome is packed with beautiful flowers and plants, divided into seven different gardens each with its theme.

The main flower display changes frequently to reflect the seasonal changes and festivals.

When I was there recently, I was given the opportunity to enjoy the “Hanging Gardens -Mexican Roots” which was a collaboration with the Embassy of Mexico…

The theme showcased vibrant floral interpretations and icons of ancient Mexican civilisations, including a 4.5m-tall reproduction of the iconic Chichén Itzá pyramid of the Mayans, the Aztec double-headed serpent, food and plants endemic to Mexico such as corns, chillies and tomatoes; and medallions with mosaic designs composed of seeds, beans and pulses…

this was of course a delight for me as I just love learning ancient cultures and civilisations as well as enjoy the floral with orchids, dahlias and bromeliads, decked in a plethora of buoyant colours that call to mind the lively hues often associated with Mexico… simply mesmerizing!!!!

Temperature in the Flower Dome ranges from 
23°C to 25°C

You can even join trainee school children or university kids as they bring you for a guided tour of various locations in Flower Dome and pick up some amazing fun facts about the interesting plants! 

Cloud Forest

The Flower Dome is beautiful and mesmerizing, but to be honest, there is nowhere in the world like the Cloud Forest !!!

I visited it twice as it was so amazing in one day and again with Cindy, my blogger friend before we left Singapore…

Walk in to the Cloud Forest, and feel the gentle mist and cool air on your face, an instant relief from the outside humidity, I am from Malaysia, another country with humidity but sometimes I feel the humidity and heat in Singapore seems more extreme then in Malaysia!!!

You will definitely be at awe at the sight of the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, surrounded by lush vegetation spilling out over a 35 metre high mountain. I have seen the beautiful Cloud Forest many times but I still am at awe everytime I step through the Cloud Forest doors

At certain time when the mist begins, the Cloud Forest Dome seems like a lost and mystical world with a big green and lush mountain covered in mist.

The temperature inside the Cloud Forest Dome is between 23 and 25 C, and the humidity is 80-90%, which is the same as the tropical montane climate found between 1500 and 3000 meters above sea level.

Follow the path to the elevators that will bring you to the top of the mountain called the Cloud Walk, giving you one of the most amazing views you can see…from there you can head to the Tree Top walk until you reach below and end your visit with the amazing Secret Garden which is made out of limestone forests and caves covered by more than 7 000 plants of more than 135 species.…

I know I cannot be the only one excited for what is brewing at the Cloud Forest too… because guess what? They are actually turning the Cloud Forest or a good part of it into Avatar: The Experience and soon you can connect with the alien world of Pandora, its bioluminescent environments, mystical creatures, flora, and the captivating culture of its indigenous people, the Na’vi….

Floral Fantasy

The Floral Fantasy conservatory is probably the furthest from the other two conservatory but the closest from Bayfront MRT station…

Floral Fantasy is a smaller yet charming conservatory that offers a magical escape among suspended mixture of over 15,000 fresh cut, dried and preserved bouquets and creative floral arrangements, known as the Dance landscape – a dazzling, swirling canopy of flowers upside down….

This conservatory feels dreamy and magical and I could almost imagine fairies appearing or peeking from behind the blooms etc…

After Dance, the path expands into an open area called Float, with more hanging plants and soothing water features to enjoy.

There is a giant humming bird there and even Nobu the garden guardian smiling benevolently as you pose for photos with him and there are some fairies somewhere too….

Here, explore diverse garden landscapes that segue into each other through a meandering space. Then meet up with Singapore’s sexiest Merlion … this Merlion is buffed and has pecs!!!!

Before you leave, stop by the vivarium populated by tiny poison dart frogs in a gamut of stunning hues! It’s almost impossible to miss these gorgeous creatures!!!

After passing through the rainforest, there’s a cave-like tunnel teeming with willows, ferns, and other blooming plants.

Getting There
Singapore has one of the best public transport system, so getting to Gardens by the Bay is easy. Catch the SMRT – the Circle line or Downtown line, and get off at Bayfront Station. Follow the signage to underground link-way which will take you to the Dragonfly Bridge and Meadow Bridge, both of which lead in to Gardens by the Bay. There are also several buses or train/bus combinations which will bring you there to Bayfront too…

Buy your e-tickets to Gardens by the Bay and the OCBC Skyway here in advance.  You can use my code LIVELIFE5 and get an additional 5% savings as well as skip the long waiting line for tickets. Very easy and convenient!

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