Ramadan Review 2023 – Kembara Tradisi Desa at Ancasa Royale Pekan, Pahang

Malaysians love the month of Ramadan, as it is a time where we all get to indulge in delightful feasts that highlights some of our best local cuisine in the country. It is also the time for us to cherish, share our love and bring back the family spirit within the community.

The fasting month or the Ramadan month falls in the month of March and April this year. Regarded as a holy month for the Muslims, it is a month-long tradition which is observed with the fasting practice.

AnCasa Royale Pekan Pahang is presenting you with “Kembara Tradisi Desa”, featuring the best in local food cuisine for a trip of gastronomic fest….

Journey through a traditional culinary experience with Executive Chef Mohd Badrul Hisyam, as he prepares two of our main highlight dishes -“Itik Salai Masak Lemak Cili Padi Rembau” and “Kambing Golek (served with Nasi Pakistan)”. Itik Salai Masak Lemak is made from smoked duck cooked in coconut milk with spices that give the dish a distinctive creamy and spicy taste. The smoked duck gives an aromatic flavour to the dish.

Kambing Golek is a popular local dish that is made from roasted mutton served with Pakistan Rice and special homemade condiments, a signature dish prepared during Ramadan month and special events.

For sweet sensations, the iconic ‘Puding Raja’ from Pekan, Pahang is the main highlight amongst the selection of desserts served in the evening. Puding Raja is made from sauteed banana smothered in custard vanilla and pandan leaves, and sprinkled with peanuts, almond, prune and cherry to give it a distinctive taste. Puding Raja origin comes from the dessert being exclusively served for the royalties and since then it has become the iconic dessert for Pahang state.

Apart from our main highlights, there is also a huge selection of local delicacies which include Daging Kunyit Simpang Renggam, Ikan Merah Assam Pedas Kg Morten, Sotong Bakar Portugis, Tauhu Tempe, local pastries and desserts as well a choice of refreshing drinks.

Kembara Tradisi Desa is priced at RM 98 nett (Adult) and RM 68 nett (Children & Senior Citizen)

The Ramadan Room Package is at RM 278 nett per person (single occupancy) and RM 178 nett per person (twin sharing). The packages includes ‘Sahur’ and Berbuka Puasa Buffet Dinner for 1 person.

Share your love in the month of giving with ‘Amal Ramadan’, a special time whereby you may contribute RM 680 nett per table for an orphanage home to experience our Ramadan buffet (10 pax per table), and AnCasa will assist to make the necessary arrangements for the children.

Kembara Tradisi Desa
Price : RM 98 nett (Adult) RM 68 nett (Children & Senior Citizen)

Ramadan Room Promo
Date : 23rd March – 21st April 2023
Price :
RM 278 nett per room per night (single occupancy)
RM 178 nett per room per night (twin sharing)
Inclusive of ‘Sahur’ and Ramadan Buffet

Call +6018 916 1462 to purchase or you may email contact@ancasahotels.com for any enquiries.

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