Terrapuri Heritage Village…


Over the years, I have heard so very much about Terrapuri Heritage Village and I really wanted to visit the “Land of Palaces”, which is what Terrapuri means… I finally had my wish came true and I got to stay there…

Terrapuri Heritage Village is a unique and impressive village made from conserved and lovingly restored traditional classic “palaces”…


Yup… these wooden houses/ “palaces” /villas are all aged between 100-250 years old , previously owned by royalties, aristocrats and well to do business men were carefully bought over and restored to be the accomodation it is now at Kampung Penarik at Setiu district…. and so yes, each of these homes has their own historical back ground and charms as well as blessings….

It took the owner, Mr. Alex almost 20 years to collect all these palaces and place them at the Terrapuri Heritage Village to keep the culture and history alive for our future generation…

Ok.. when we talk about 100-250 years old, many of us-myself included, might freak out thinking of the unseen or things that go bump or rather “boo” in the night, but rest assured, the owner has taken the trouble to clear the place of any bad vibes or possible bad spirits with prayers/ “sembahyang hajat” and so on..



Of course, just always be respectful to your surroundings and I promise it is you will have a very peaceful, tranquil and gorgeous stay where you can unwind and be one with nature while soaking in the beautiful infinity pool, taking a walk or a ride under the swaying coconut trees and indulging in the briny sea scents at the beach or just soaking in one of those gorgeous wooden tubs in your house/ villa….


We really enjoyed our stay there in this amazing, unique, luxurious and gorgeous village style

These “palaces” are built high as most olden days Terengganu houses to keep occupants safe from flood during monsoon season…since Terengganu is well known to be flood prone during these times…. The pillars of the houses are thick and strong from good quality Chengal hardwood to stabilise the houses even when pet elephants rub themselves on the pillars or knock into the pillars..


The walls, doors, windows, floor and ceiling all consist of different wood panels which are amazingly fitted together by using wooden joints held in place by wooden pegs…

Seriously, it amazes me how people long ago can make beautiful buildings without the use of nails…like the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China too.. and yes, it means the entire structure of the house can be dismantled and reassembled… just like your lego blocks.. (ok kidding) and that the house can be moved from one location to a different location… really put a new meaning to moving houses right… hahaha…



These houses are all pretty unique as they are not of the same measurement since during the olden days, houses are built measured on the main woman of the family’s arm’s length…

These beautiful antique houses here have all been refurbished as luxurious villas with their own characteristics, along with traditional decorations as to where and whom the houses are taken from…



These villas are equipped with a 2 hp air-conditioning, ceiling fan, wooden bath tub, hot and cold water shower, bathroom amenities, hair dryer, fridge, desk, mineral water, coffee and tea making facilities.

There is limited internet access and no WiFi here but I promise you that you will not be bored at all and never have you feel so connected to the world around you, your friends or family before…


I love the interesting names which also is part of the background as to where the houses come from Kedai Buluh, Paloh, Belukar Titian, Binjai Rendah, Gelugor Raja, Seberang Takir, Jeram Nibong, Pulau Musang and Sungai Mas…


My own villa or “palace” was called Seberang Takir and it has boats or “sampans” underneath the house.. as well as a huge jar of oars at the corner of the verandah, and pictures of fishermen inside the house.. it came with a huge King Sized bed with mosquito netting around it looking like some majestic four poster bed I always admired…



If you are staying for more then one night, then you should check out one of the tour packages available, such aa a trip to the Fireflies Sanctuary, Kuala Terengganu city, Sekayu Waterfall and Turtle Conservation Centre, the floating art of Langkasuka, Kenyir Lake, Pulau Redang and Bidong Island, which is also known as Little Saigon and so on…



Address- Kampung Mangkuk, Penarik, 22120 Setiu

Thank you to Terrapuri Heritage Village, Tourism Terengganu, Gaya Travel Magazine for this amazing opportunity…  

Special thanks to all my team mates, as well as Gaya Travel family/friends for your friendship, companionship, being in my photos, helping take photos and everything else… hahahah.. Mas Eka, Iman, Fiqrie, Freeze, Jaslin, Yusry, Nizam/Ramona, Nan, Syafiq, Wawa, Anas, Wani, Dela, Puteri, Ed, Nuar, and all…





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