My mini Birthday celebration at LERZ MALAYSIA with jelly cake from CAKEREL


My personal birthday celebration was just a small one, since I decided to hold it with just a few of my closest buddies… So I decided to  celebrate it at another close friend, Tommy’s new shop… Lerz Tea & Coffee Malaysia at Starling Mall..


Tommy recently opened this small outlet, near the kids playground, Kiddomo, there were tables and chairs you could relax, hang out with your buddies and enjoy the tea and coffee drinks comfort!! Tommy has been working in the F&B industry for quite a while before finally deciding to open his own little tea shop.. BTW, congrats, Tommy and to more Lerz outlets in the future…

When I asked Tommy why the name “Lerz” he explained that “Ler-Z” is actually something the Chinese might exclaim  when you are enjoying your food and laughing! And since he did not want to make it too Chinese but more general, he just made the name “Lerz”…


Lerz offers three types of drinks category on the menu; the Fruit Teas, the Macchiatos and Milky drinks..

The  refreshing Lychee Tea (RM8. 90) is a must try!!! It is served with one or two lychee pieces and healthy aloe Vera toppings! Really soooo yummy!!!!

I also love their Caramel Black Tea Macchiato (RM10. 50) which is sooo tasty and just as good as, if not better than other brand…  And my daughter loved  the Pearl Milk Tea (RM8. 90)….

Lerz provide choices of ice / sugar level options which I like… Since some of these kind of shops seem to go hyper on their sugar..


Please check for more info at

A birthday party no matter how small is not complete without a cake.. And after having several (too many) slices of chocolate cake (as delicious as they may be… You tend to get tired of it) so I decided on a light refreshing and fat free jelly cake.. They are after all so pretty, colourful, yummy and a much healthier choice…


My gorgeous jelly cake came from Cakerel, an online shop whose owner creates and sells homemade jelly cakes, homemade fruit tarts and also homemade cupcakes…


Created by the beautiful Carel, she can create beautiful jelly cakes as to your requirements for just any occasions.. You have to make your bookings one week in advance though for her to prepare things..


I loved the beautiful cake she makes and the effort she put into decorating it as well how she can deliver the cake to where you want the cake to be on time…

Cakerel is definitely highly recommended if you are like me and like a light refreshing jelly cake…

Check out her other colourful and attractive cakes and designs


Thanks Tommy of Lerz Tea & Coffee and Carel of Cakerel for helping make my little birthday celebration a success.. And thanks to all my dear friends (Khalish, Nim, Naf, Hafiz, Ivan and my darling daughter Anne) too for spending their time with me…

My birthday would not have been as fun as it was without any of you…

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