Perdana Quay Eco Marine Park, Langkawi

I was excited to have gotten a chance to experience Asia’s first interactive seawater theme park – Perdana Quay Eco Marine Park , which is Langkawi island’s newest tourist attraction.

Located in the vibrant Pantai Kok, the RM50 million theme park was developed by Explicit Eco Marine Sdn. Bhd. First of its kind in Asia, the interactive seawater theme park provides the ultimate marine ecosystem experience!

Perdana Quay Eco Marine Park is the perfect holiday destination for the whole family. Spanning across 13-acres of land, the theme park brings visitors along for an intriguing underwater world experience filled with a wide variety of attractions…..

You can scuba dive in the deep-water pool without going extra miles to dive islands.

For adrenaline junkies, try swimming with the baby sharks at the shark pool – though you have to be very calm and still else the sharks will run away from you as they are a bit shy…..

The clear calm water in the snorkelling pool enables you to venture under the “sea” and exploring a glorious magnificent world beneath.

If you’re looking to put your endurance to the test, then check out the infinity pool for the ultimate swimming experience. Want to keep your kids entertained? Bring them over for some splashing fun at the kids’ pool!

All the seawater pools at the theme park, except the kids’ pool, are inhabited by thousands of colourful, exotic marine lives not only from Malaysia but all over the world.

From taking the water scooter to the pool, swimming with sharks to snorkelling with thousands of marine lives, all you’ve ever dreamt of doing underwater is now available to you on land and in a safe place under the watchful eyes of qualified divers and keepers

I certainly was at awe at the amount of fishes and corals which had been painstakingly cultivated and grown…. It was certainly my dream to go diving but I have a slightly weird fear of being too underwater in the ocean, encountering jelly fishes, big unfriendly sharks or even the megalodon or other weird sea creatures (too much reading and watching all those theories – and there’s a reason NASA turned to exploring space instead of the oceans righhhhtttt)…. And even when snorkeling above the sea, I am always in fear of also hurting those corals or is it the corals hurting me….

And at the Perdana Quay Eco Marine park, I can do so with the guidance of a qualified instructor and be 100% sure I won’t be encountering any weird creatures….or harming any creatures or vice versa….

The pools can be a little slippery with some algae sometimes which is a natural reaction of the sun, rain and seawater combined and usage of chlorine is minimise or avoided because of the sea life in the pool, though the keepers do their job of cleaning it the best they can daily.. but mostly the pools are pretty clear…

The Perdana Quay Eco Marine theme park is a great place to relax even if you’re not feeling too active. Just chill out at the simulated beach, or take a stroll inside the cool cultivation centre and touch pool and learn fun facts and more about your favourite marine life

Tantalize your taste buds at the multiple dining establishments – 3 cafes, 23 kiosks, 5,000 square feet pizza lounge and 5,000 square feet two storey seafood restaurant spread across the theme park. Be sure to check out and try their signature Laksa dish while you are there!!! It is seriously flavourful!!

Meanwhile, there’s a 37 meters wide performance stage with two giant screens that will provide full-fledged entertainment so there’s a lot to look forward to here!

The Perdana Quay Eco Marine Park has just opened with a soft launch, so not everything is opened yet… for that, do stay tune for their grand opening which will be announced soon, maybe in August 2022

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