6 Benefits of Using Private Airport Transfers!

Travel is picking up again since the Covid-19 pandemic, and most of us have started traveling either for business or vacations….

I, for one missed going on vacations and visiting tourist attractions….

And so while you’re booking your hotel, and flight tickets, you should also book yout private airport transfer…. Let me tell you why….

Booking an airport transfer service means that you will be getting a private and personal car that will pick you or your family or friends up from the airport, and drops you off to your desired destination (your hotel or your rented accommodation) safely and quickly….

There will be no queuing, no waiting and no unknown costs…. So it will be completely hassle-free….

All you have to do is to choose your destination and enter your flight information, and then you’d can choose which vehicle suits you best …

Finally, you’ll need to complete your booking and you’ll receive your confirmation email with the transfer details.

On the day of travel, or one day before, your private professional driver will contact you to confirm and finalise details and then you just enjoy your journey minus any worries or stresses…

You can save money and time by using private transfers, especially when you are traveling to a country where you’ve never been before, or you don’t know the language…. It can be very intimidating to find a reliable private airport transfer service. 

Booking your private airport transfer is easy and convenient via KKday, and it also comes with a SIM card for you!!! Use my Code “LIVELIFE5” to save 5% off your airport transfer or any other activities or park purchases in Thailand and Singapore!!!

There is a variety of vehicle options with space to cover different needs….

Here are 6 Benefits of Using Private Airport Transfers!

1- Safety
Our personal safety is the most important thing ever! Imagine that you decide to take a bus to the hotel but half way on the journey you realized that you took the wrong bus, and you have no Wi-Fi, plus your battery is low. How are you going to go back to the hotel? This sounds like a nightmare.

Then there is taxis like the ones we have in Malaysia that just charge whatever they like, usually more then it is suppose to be…

Instead of taking that much risk, you can always pre-book an experienced driver who knows the roads like the back of their hand. 

This is of course highly recommended for women, where traveling alone in a foreign country can be very intimidating.

That’s why booking a private airport transfer service is the most safe and most reliable option.

And psst… there’s even free water and candies for you… if you feel like it….

2- Time Efficiency
When you book a private airport transfer, you will get to your destination the quickest way safely and with time to spare…. Public transport could take ages to get to where you want due to massive delays and high demand.

One of the benefits of private airport transfer is that you can schedule your pickup and timing and actually get there on time.
If you have a plane to catch, private airport transfers are the most guaranteed services in terms of time efficiency as your driver will have calculated the timing and any possible traffic jams and such….

Your driver or the private airport transfer company will Whatsapp you 1 day before travel date for a meeting point and driver details (name of driver, car make and car number) but when you exit the arrival gates there will also be someone holding your name, so you won’t miss it…

3- Covid-19 risk-free
Even though we can travel, Covid -19 is still around and so is Monkey Pox and heaven knows what other viruses… so when you lessen and avoid public transport more (especially during peak hours) and get a private airport transfer, you minimize catching Covid-19 or /and other viruses…. You will be enjoying your journey hassle-free.

4- Comfort
Nothing can beat a comfortable and calm car trip, especially after your long flight or an early morning flight. With airport transfer service, you can enjoy a nice journey, while you look at the scenery through your car window. 

5- Traveling with kids
Traveling with kids or babies can be pretty challenging… Kids can be impatient and bored quickly, so you’d need to move quickly. With a private car ride, you can just hop into your dedicated vehicle with your family, where your kids can play with their toys more comfortably or take a nap.

6- Online payment
You can and will be booking and paying your private airport transfer in advance, you can avoid travel anxiety and worry less….

Use my Code “LIVELIFE5” for 5% OFF Singapore & Thailand products on KKday!!!!


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