Buffet Ramadan 2023 – Juadah Kampung Buffet Dinner at Kontiki Restaurant, The Federal Kuala Lumpur

Kontiki Restaurant’s Team of Chefs have cooked up an amazing spread of timeless kampung delights, for their Juadah Kampung Buffet Dinner offering foodies a delightful array of East meet West flavours with a whopping 100 over dishes to choose …

Diners at Kontiki Restaurant at The Federal Kuala Lumpur have a hard time choosing from a mammoth spread of authentic Kampung delicacies and traditional delights complemented with dedicated live cooking stations where the Kontiki team of chefs delight diners and provide a magical culinary journey that promises to excite their palate and delight their senses.

With healthy refreshing kerabu, sambal and salad corner to barbecue carving station, a warong, satay, seafood on ice, sushi & sashimi, bbq, pasta, western dishes and more, the tempting delicacies will also feature our well-beloved local recipes from traditional to modern favourites to the famed hawker fares; including our authentic nostalgic signature Tunku’s’ cuisine from Tunku’s Kitchen belonging to Malaysia’ beloved first Prime Minister,
Y.T.M. Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al Haj.

There are 3 menus to rotate daily. Start off the menu with appertizers and the various starters ranging from refreshing green salads to the traditional kerabu mangga, kerabu timun, kerabu daging, kerabu kerang, kerabu udang, kerabu ayam, kerabu taugeh, rojak buah, ulam-ulam Kampung, which are a perfect beginning to a sumptuous spread….

This also includes a selection of ikan masin, telur masin, tauhu sumbat, pulut kuning with serunding, acar buah, acar rampai, lemang, ketupat, roasted chicken with pineapple, garden salad, smoked salmon, smoked tenggiri, smoked duck, breast and assorted pastrami platter, seafood on ice, sushi counter just to name a few.

Kampung style action stalls set up besides the poolside themed the outdoor gerai-gerai makanan style complete with pelita and lights to hike up the festive atmosphere further.

The scrumptious buffet offers varieties of local and continental savouries to stir your palate. The list includes fish head curry, mee curry, asam laksa, mee udang, nasi dum briyani, lok-lok, roti canai; roti john; assorted dim sum; chicken rice roasted & steamed chicken;

Hot dishes include the irresistible opor ayam, ketam masak pedas, tempe goring with ikan bilis,kembong goring serai from Tunku’s cuisine; ayam lemak cili api, chicken buttermilk, mutton masala, chicken makhani, lamb varuval; beef pot roast, pasta carbonara with slice chicken, pan fried salmon fillet with tomato herbs sauce, vegetables lasagna, Hungarian beef goulash, pasta marinara seafood, pan fried seabass with teriyaki sauce lasagna al forno (chicken) and many more offering diners a wholesome, authentic and diverse blend of local traditional as well as continental dishes.

Over at the BBQ Cylinder Station, the items include the roasted lamb, baked red snapper, roasted tandoori chicken, baked beef tenderloin, beef & chicken satay, otak-otak, amongst others.

At the deep fried station, there are chicken drummet, calamari, chicken wings, tiger prawn and flower crab

The soup corner includes include sup gearbox, sup campur, tulang rawan, sup ekor, sup kambing, cream of mushroom, french onion, cream caramel, bread butter pudding, jelly in glass assorted French pastries, fresh fruits plus the famous Kontiki’s Teh Tarik and ice cream and other desserts awaits you.

The Juadah Kampung Buffet Dinner will be on going from now until 21 April 2023, 7pm – 9.30pm

Prices : –
RM 158 per adult
RM 78 per senior citizen
RM 58 per child

For further information, please visit Kontiki’s website: www.fhihotels.com

The Federal Kuala Lumpur
35, Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur

For reservations, please call 018 371 2080

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