On the Hallyu trail in Korea

Now if you are a K-Pop fan or a Hallyu fan, you would definitely want to visit the “K Star Road as well as Klive …  My trip to Seoul was really super hectic and I did not really take the time to slowly visit all the places I want to  trying to fit in all that I can in my 5 days there…

I brought my girls to the K Star Road and Klive, so let me share a little about it…

To get to the “K Star Road” which is somewhat similar like the Hollywood walk of fame but yet different in many ways, you have to get to the Apgujeong Rodeo Station, along the Bundang Line, and take the 2nd or 3rd exit…. I was taking the Bundang Line to the Korea Folk Village and we decided to stop for a little while there….

When you arrive at the Apgujeong Rodeo Station, you can already see celebrities memorabilia all over the station from autographed standees to some hand prints plague on the wall

Although we were not HUGE fans of K Pop, my girls and I however had some fun taking pictures with those standees and such…

                                                                picture credit from allkpop.com

Once you head out to the main road from the station, you will come across all those Gangnamdol bears lining the road and decorating the exclusive neighbourhood of Apgujeong with bright colours…

The cute art bear doll characters have been designed based on characteristics of K-pop stars…

 And well, you can find gangnamdols of Psy, Shinee, 2PM, 4Minute, FT Island, VIXX, EXO, B1A4 and Girls’ Generation among a whole load more…

Apgujeong, Cheongdamdong and Gangnam are well known for their upscale fashion and those places are what that makes it a shopping haven for the monied fashionistas and trendsetters.

World-famous brand labels line up the streets of Apgujeong-dong as I can evidently see as well….

Looking for a Rolls Royce anyone????

K Pop fans normally start their tour from the Gangnam Tourist Information Center where they can get information on where to go and what to do in this music district.

It is said the center’s second floor is like a museum where fans can take selfies next to pictures of K pop idols, buy music posters and see displays of fashionable clothes worn by Korean singers and band groups. Sadly I was there early in the morning and the place was not opened yet….

The Gangnam Tourist Information Center is said to offer a hallyu exhibition with a different theme every three months to attract young fans.

If you have the time , you can stroll along the Cheongdam Fashion Street and you can then find notable clothes and accessory shops commonly visited by hallyu or K-pop stars.

There are plenty of restaurants, gift shops and malls here next to famous record companies and talent agencies on the street, and well, if you are very, very lucky, who knows you could actually catch a glimpse of singers and idols.

I was in a rush and I hardly saw much but I was a little lucky I stumbled across Rain’s company  along the quiet back street area of Apgujeong…

… and met his gorgeous poodle tethered outside… If you are a fan of Rain, you will recognize this gorgeous doggie… Sarangy….

As for Klive, Klive is located in a different part of Seoul, in Dongdaemun on the 9th Floor of Lotte Fitin, Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station, Line 4 (or Line 2 and Line 5) and Exit 11 or 12.

It is opened from about 1.30pm to about 10pm. But closed on Mondays though

It is here you can actually watch almost live Hologram dance performances by your favourite artistes. This is actually the world’s first hologram concert hall and you can check out the time table for your selected concert.

Among the shows on while I was there was by Big Bang, G-Dragon, 2 NE 1 and Psy..

Do check out the Star Photobox as well.. you do not have to pay to try it out.. it is funny seeing your favorite celebrity coming out to take a picture with you where there is none.. and well, if you really like the picture, you can get it printed out (for a fee of course)

My girls and I having loads of fun trying to take pictures with G-Dragon.. it is where you can make your special memories with your idols and take them home and brag about it…

Don’t forget to check out all those emo goth kind of bears, KRUNK

And check out your favorite idol’s hand imprints….

My youngest daughter had fun with the Star Lounge window where all she did was press the button and a surprise celebrity will appear and strike some pose for you…

Everytime you press the button, someone else will appear….

Of course, don’t forget to get some of those memorabilia to bring home… I was so tempted to get this Descendants of the Sun OST but was counting my budget as well as contemplating how often I will get it played so I did not quite buy it…. to my regret.. hahahah

They even have the Sungkyungkwan Scandal OST and other OSTs and notebook, pens, tshirts, etc, etc… too bad I did not find a DOTS t shirt or I would / might have got one for myself…

Thanks for reading this post on my K pop trail though it was just this and I did not get too lucky actually meeting anyone famous while I was there in Seoul…

However, let me see, I have personally seen or gotten close in real life to Haha, Lee Kwang Soo , Eun Young ( Two X ), Lee Sung Kyung and Hwang Se-On back in Malaysia… hahahaha… go figure..and hopefully counting….

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