I have a little confession to make… I am the weird person who relishes travel and good food… you will never impress me with your new jewellery or your new house or your new car… but… I envy people who travels all over and those who get to indulge in great food…


And one of those moments I was most envious was when my good blogger buddies get to go and eat at Dynasty Restaurant at the Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur and I was not invited… why…. oh … why… but well, that was because I am a Muslim and the restaurant was not halal back then….


So recently, when I was finally invited to try out Dynasty Restaurant’s sumptuous offerings….


‘Samak’ or cleansing of kitchen by Pej. Agama experts…pic taken from dynasty kl facebook

And it was because Dynasty Restaurant has finally became a Pork-Free restaurant and has gone through ‘samak’-ing… or rather cleansing according to Islam ritual to clean a place after it’s considered dirtied by ‘haram’ substances… And that was like the best news ever….


Since I have heard that dining there was a divine experience with amazing food, great ambiance and even a good looking and award winning Executive Sous Chef Kok Chee Kin who helms the kitchen and has a bevy of admirers swooning after him…

Diners at Dynasty can choose from appetizers, to barbecued and roasted specialities including soups and seafood along with poultry and vegetarian dishes… For those who love their meat, you can select from beef, venison or lamb…you can also enjoy a range of live seafood prepared according to your preference as well as a range of claypot dishes…

We had the opportunity to try out some of the Dim Sum from the Dim Sum menu… and frankly speaking, I always did not like fried Dim Sum much… it is only my husband who enjoyed it..but I swear, biting into some of the fried Dim Sum served here was such an eye opening and amazing experience I swear I found a new place to indulge in amazing pork free Dim Sum now….


We had the Crispy Prawn Toast with Sesame RM15… totally delicious and made me rethink my aversion for fried Dim Sum…This was just so crunchy with sesame seed fragrance yet, juicy on the inside with generous shrimps… yeah, I would so totally order Fried Dim Sum but only here at the Dynasty KL


Crispy Chive Biscuit filled with Shrimp RM18… Super crunchy and packed with shrimps and flavors.. another of my favorite…I swear if given a chance, I will eat the whole plate by myself..


Pan seared Shanghai Dumpling RM13 , your typical ‘Gyoza’… but yummy with enough crunch…


The steamed Dim Sum was just as outstanding… Minced Chicken Dumplings topped with Dried Scallop RM16


Green Dragon Chive Dumpling RM16 was just perfect… and you can taste both the shrimps and chives packed in these little parcels perfectly… so flavorful..


Prawn Wonton with Chili Vinaigrette RM16, this is slightly spicy for those who loves spicy food.. and I did.. it was just so perfect, I found it difficult to stop at just one…


Then from the main Ala Carte Menu, we indulged in some Deep Fried Oyster RM45.00 for Appetizer…. I have never had deep fried oysters so it was definitely a very pleasant surprise… and the presentation was definitely eye catching with all of us oohing and ahhing over it…


Barbecued Chicken with Glazed Honey Sauce RM40.00 from the Barbecued dishes page….I did not quite expect to like this… as I would normally just have a small piece of chicken and be done with it when faced with this kind of platter, but damn if the taste was just so good it had me going back for more…So loving this too…


Some Aromatic Duck Breast with Tea Leaf RM88.00 from the Poultry page….. did not see any tea leaves around but the taste was most refreshing .. it came beautifully arranged and served with slices of Granny Smith green apples..


A spicy bowl of sizzling and bubbling Poached Fish Fillet with Ginger Soup and Chilli in Claypot RM68.00 ….. this is one helluva spicy dish … spicy from the chilli and also from ginger… it has a strong ginger taste and great for anyone with flatulence or stomach ‘wind’ as well as new moms.. I enjoyed it… but of course, be careful you know how to control your ‘expelling of any wind’ after eating this… lol


Some Wok Fried Beef, Shimeji Mushroom and Whole Garlic in Black Pepper Sauce from the Beef, Venison and Lamb page… This is pretty good. I did love the black pepper sauce and the mushrooms were definitely hard to resist for a mushroom lover like me…


A plate of very satisfying Baked Cod –Portuguese Style RM88.00 with stink beans, long beans and sambal… from the Seafood Favorites page… It was definitely a favorite with everyone on the table… but I kinda wished the Cod was steamed with superior soya sauce… but don’t mind me… it is because I love steamed Cod with superior soya sauce.. lol


And finished it all with some Sweetened Mango Puree with Sago and Pomelo RM13.00…..just perfect…..

And I cannot remember when else had I ever had such an overall satisfying meal….

Some of the other not to be missed dishes would be the Sea treasure broth with fresh scallops in coconut; Wok fried scallops with lily bulbs, asparagus and macadamia nuts; Deep fried prawns with salted egg yolk sauce and Oriental grilled lamb with Mongolian sauce, sauteed greens and diced mango to name some…


Dynasty Restaurant has a seating capacity of 168 and 3 private dining rooms and is opened for lunch from 12 noon up to 2.30pm and dinner from 6.30pm to 10.30pm.. and you’s love the scenery from the window where you can see both the Pakistani Embassy as well as the Petronas Twin Towers… and that might also explain why a group of smartly uniformed Pakistani was there to enjoy their lunch as well… heheh

Dim Sum breakfast is served from 9.30 am to 2.30pm on Sundays and Public Holidays….


You can celebrate an intimate wedding dinner, birthday parties or anniversary celebrations here if you like as the private dining rooms can open up to seat about 80 people…

For more details, do email rhi.klurn.fb@renaissance hotel.com

www.facebook.com/DynastyKL or www.facebook.com/RenaissanceKL

Address – Corner of Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur


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