6 new (and not so new) things you cannot miss out at Lost World of Tambun


I  love the Lost World of Tambun.. Its the beautiful surroundings that is just so tranquil and there is just so much to see and do that there is bever a bored moment there despite having been there dozens of times…

I always feel at home here and love checking out the new things to do or see besides the normal Petting Zoo, Water Park and fun rides….


So for this time.. I am listing 6 new (and also not so new) things I enjoyed doing this visit…. which you seriously need to check out too

1. Kuang Raya aka Great Argus Pheasant conservation centre


Lost World Of Tambun has a Kuang Raya aka Great Argus Pheasant conservation programme, the first of its kind in the country, which was officiated by Dato’ Abdul Kadir Bin Abu Hashim, the Director General of Wildlife and National Parks department (PERHILITAN) back in May 2019.

The attractive Kuang Raya, or Great Argus Pheasant is a species native to Southeast Asia, identified by its brown plumage, blue head and neck, rufous red upper breast, black hair-like feathers on its crown and nape, and red legs.

Due to ongoing natural habitat loss and hunting, conservation of this species is essential to its survival, which has led Sunway Lost World Of Tambun to take the lead in this regard, featuring a full on conservation site on its grounds, where visitors can get up close and personal with these beauties.

The male Malayan Great Argus has the longest tail feathers of any wild bird, and these feathers are often used in the headgears of the Iban and Dayak warriors of Sarawak….

The bird’s taxonomic and common names both derive from Argus, the hundred-eyed giant, from Greek mythology (a reference to the many eye-like spots on the Argus’s wings and tail).

The males remarkable wing-fan courtship display is preceded by dancing in front of the female, while stomping his feet loudly… So of you are lucky.. You might get to see this here…

2. Flying Fox / Ziplining at the Adventure Park


I love the Adventure Park.. The place where you can glamp or even dare yourself to complete some of the extreme challenges they have..

The gorgeous reflective Boga lake is surrounded by lush foliage and limestone mountains, so much so the Malay name is Tasik Cermin (mirror lake)


We headed there for a Flying Fox/ Zipline session across Boga Lake among the beauty of the natural surroundings… First the safety staff buckled us into our safety gear before bringing us to the platform…

Initially, to be honest, I was a bit worried as I was told to grab hold on to one of those boxing bags… Boxing bags can be heavy and smacking hard into one did not seem pleasant… But when I did actually smacked into those hanging boxing bags it was just like knocking into some pillows… Phewwww….

3. Malayana Floating Villas


I seriously love the Malayana Floating Villas which is just like your typical hotel room and sleeps up to 4 people… And also has a personal toilet and bathroom in it… While floating on the Boga Lake…


These floating villas are just so pretty and I can’t wait to be able to really experience a stay here…

4. Meeting the Capybara and the Patagonian Maras

2020 is the year of the rat, so lets meet the other giant rodent family which would be the Capybara and the Pantagonia Maras…


The Pantagonia Maras are curious and quick and will approach you for food… (veges or carrots only please) while the Capybara is a little less friendly…

5. Ipoh Street Food Stalls


Oh how can I resist… This is my super most favorite (I know my vocabulary is off but who cares…) place to eat in the Lost World of Tambun… Anytime…


Will never be able to resist their curry mee, mua chee, bbq chicken pau, soya bean curd and so much more….

This place makes me turn into a greedy pig….

6. Malayana Rain Fortress


These new place is double level and adds a whooping 12 slides and play area to Lost World of Tambun and is not officially launched yet (at time of writing) and it is such a colourful place to get drenched… Go wet and wild here…

Cannot wait for Saphira’s Cave to be opened too!!!!


So counting the days until my next visit back to the beautiful and tranquil Lost World of Tambun… No wonder it is more than a theme park, it is a destination, and one of my favourite destinations….

Website – www.sunwaylosttworldoftambun.com

Address – 1, Persiaran Lagun Sunway, Sunway City, 31150 Ipoh

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