Staycation Ideas

Once again, we got locked down, thanks to the shocking high number of Covid-19 cases and the Movement Control Order 2.0… If you are like me, I daresay you are badly longing for a holiday? Personally, I need a change of environment every now and then to make my life interesting and as a recharge…

So… Hmm… If you have not gone for any recent staycations.. Why not go for one… Now???

A staycation is normally a vacation stay in a nice hotel nearby.. There is vacation when we enjoy the entire city and such and there is staycations when we usually just head on to a lovely nearby hotel near where we are staying or so and enjoy the change of environment and the hotel’s facilities…

So why hotel staycation you might ask…
It is a perfect way to release stress from being cooped up at home for weeks….

After having to WFH or work from home, most of us no longer find home a place to unwind and rest anymore because we have been cooped up at home and forced to work, and stare at the same four walls day on and day out…

We don’t have much time to go for a nice long holiday or have a nice holiday in some city because of Covid-19.

A staycation is always within our budget, and give us a chance to explore our own town/ city , and see our town /city with new eyes like how a tourist would…

Anyway, here are some ideas how you can enjoy a MCO staycation at home…..

Indulge in Vietnamese food from RasaViet

Try cooking something different than usual, some signature food from different countries, eg. Kimchi and bulgogi, so we can imagine having a break in Korea or Tom Yam and Pad Thai, so we can imagine having a break on Thailand…

Order delicious Thai food from Banngkok

If you are not up to cooking like me, you might like to order those food from different restaurants and cafes… I seriously enjoy different food themes every few days once… Like Vietnamese cuisine, Thai cuisine, Roast Chicken etc etc

Pick up a new language if you have the time. There are many online classes offering such nowadays. Learn Korean, Japanese, or Italian. This is the time to explore and maybe prepare for next travel planning…

Enjoying my plant origins aromatherapy set from signature market

Have a spa day at home… Take the time to create your own spa experience in your bedroom or bathroom….

Take time to explore nature, get away away from the crowd and check out those forest reserves, hiking trails or nearby parks…. Avoid crowds and be sure to keep your distance and bring your face masks and ample water and snacks…

And once we can travel again.. We should hop over to our neighbours like Thailand and Singapore… Traveloka is a great way to find amazing hotel stays for your staycations….

Grab your staycations from Traveloka

Singapore would be a great bet since we all know how clean Singapore is…
And Singapore has many amazing and fabulous hotels that make any staycations a dream…

Don’t miss out on using Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers from Traveloka, too when on your staycation Singapore at listed hotels and rediscover Your Singapore with Passion made Possible….

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