LEGOLAND Malaysia, Johor

Sometime as adults, we still need to embrace our inner child…. And believe it or not, we have so much to learn from the little ones too, such as their curious attitude to life, their fearlessness and their carefree attitude to life, and numerous other qualities that we most of us has lost over the years when the stresses of adulthood took over our lives….

Getting back in touch with your inner child is a great way to relieve yourself from stress and to re-embrace the creativity and vitality that you had as a child, that you still have deep inside you and one of the ways would be to visit theme parks such as Legoland and the likes… and just forget adulting and all the stress and problems for a few hours!!!!

So recently my close friends and I headed over LEGOLAND Malaysia to let our hair loose and inner child out…

LEGOLAND Malaysia consists of 8 awesome themed areas so it was definitely great to start feeling like a child again and explore these fun places….

LEGOLAND Malaysia is the perfect place to be if you want to become a fearless Knight, meet swashbucklin’ pirates, explore ancient lands or even be transported all around the world in just a few steps – there is something for the whole family!

Our trip to LEGOLAND Malaysia began rightttt at the Beginning….. The Beginning is where you get entry tickets and annual passes or such… and they were also having Built The Thrills event which will be on until 24th July 2022… it is pretty fun as you can learn to build some cars , join in the race and swap your figurines and see some great performances…

From there we turn right and came toward LEGO City, the city which is mostly for kids…

Here the kids get a chance to be a pilot, learn how to drive or learn how to be a captain of your own boat…. Just fasten the seatbelts, listen to the instructions and stay safe….

We moved on to the Land of Adventure, where my friends and I can went hunting for the Lost Treasure but sadly still did not find it… or maybe we did but still lost it… we had fun laser-blasting scarabs, mummies and such thoughhh

The trip to Dino Island was a drenching one as we headed up that volcano on a log boat…. Passing by those animated LEGO® dinos and ended up crashing down into the waters with a huge splash! Now that’s what I call wet and wild…. Ehhhh

We then headed to the LEGO NINJAGO World to learn some new ninja skills at the pretty temple

It sure was surreal getting transported to a parallel NINJAGO™ universe and become a Master of Spinjitzu. Here you have to think like the ninja, move like the ninja, train like the ninja. And yeah you definitely get a great upper arm workout!!! 5 x rides everyday for a week would get you great muscles … hahahaha

Our journey in the magical LEGOLAND Malaysian continued at the Imagination zone, where we visited Observation Tower…. Here you could practically reach for the clouds from the Observation Deck when it slowly ascend to the skies and enjoy a magnificent 360 degree view of the Park!!!

The LEGO Miniland is half under renovation and maintenance when I was visiting but it is definitely one of my favourite places to view the best landmarks in Asia all built by LEGO in miniature sizes… it is breathtaking and just pretty amazing….

Then we headed back the olden days to LEGO Kingdom to explore the legendary folklore of fearsome dragons and fearless knights….

Our destination? The Dragon …a thrilling roller coaster in the medieval and grand King’s Castle.

Fly around the castle and soar through the treetops, meeting lots of animated LEGO models along the way, including a giant red dragon that resides in the castle grounds.

Our last stop was at LEGO Technics where we visited the new PLANET LEGOLAND and crested our own LEGO masterpieces just because at PLANET LEGOLAND®, ANYTHING is POSSIBLE as you build, unbuild, rebuild and leave your mark on this little world. Soooo what will you create?

We were pretty disappointed my favourite VR Ride was closed for maintenance on the day we visited but if you had a chance, The Great LEGO® Race which combines roller coaster thrills with virtual reality (VR) technology is one ride you should not miss as you can experience action from every direction – up, down, forward, backward and all points in between – in a spectacular environment completely made of LEGO bricks….

It was definitely an amazing place and few hours of letting our inner child take charge and I definitely hope to be able to repeat again…. And so should you…

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to schedule in a date and let adulting pause for a few hours while we let our inner child out and nowhere better then at the colourful and imaginative LEGOLAND Malaysia….

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