Hotel Review 2019- Muo Resort, Muar, Johor

Was over at my best friend’s hometown again for the weekend as his dad was getting married… And this time we stayed at the Muo Resort…


Initially, when my friend told me we were going to stay there, I did not think much about the resort, but just grateful to have a decent place to stay and rest… But just as we arrived at the resort.. I fell in love… is a little hard to describe the Muo Resort… It is a unique stay experience you can rarely find anywhere else..


Muo Resort can and should probably be termed as your home away from home.. It is actually like going home to your hometown… And when I mean that.. A traditional wooden house style “kampung” where everything is just familiar and you will wake up with the sounds of chickens, ducks, geese, goats in the backyard…


And without having to give up on your luxuries of a super cosy bed with the plush pillows and bedding…, air conditioning, and all….

The Superior rooms are OK, admittedly a little small, but they are very, very cosy….


My best friend decided to get the business suite for his dad and new step mom’s honeymoon and it was truly beautiful and spacious…. And they even decorated the room beautifully…


And there are just sooo much you can do here… Have take away dinner with your family, karaoke in their karaoke room, enjoy playing or interacting with animals… Bake your own Otak-Otak Muo or indulge in some ice cream or even durian mochi or drinks…

They have a fish pond, rabbits, Guinea pigs, goats, geeses and there are just so much kind of modern yet kind of old skool activities  such as  Table Tennis, bicycles, just lazing away on the hammock or you can also bounce on the trampoline….

They even have movies playing on the projector and you can actually watch movies at the hall…


There is also an egg incubator there and it was kind of exciting as I was just watching an egg moving… And the next morning a little duckling was hatched…


I think that is what the owners of Muo Resort is creating.. That rustic and nostalgic feeling of being in a kampung with your besties or family without sacrificing on our comfort…

It is truly a beautiful resort which is instagrammable, beautiful and oh yes.. My other obsession, I could not get enough off… They even have a “sakura” tree in the car park…. Hahaha….

Some of the rooms come with breakfast – snacks, fruits, a western breakfast set or chicken chop.. But if they don’t you can also choose to pay RM10 for a plate of chicken chop which is pretty yummy…


The Muo Resort is also conveniently located about 3km from town, but you can find the Klinik Asia in front of the resort in case of emergencies as well as also a pretty generous 7-11….(also for emergencies)


Address – Muo Resort, 5, Kampung Dato Bentara Dalam, 84000 Muar

Website –

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