Food Review 2023 – Santai Yamch’a Dim Sum, 1Utama, PJ

Santai Yamch’a is a modern casual dining restaurant located at 1 Utama Shopping Centre where family and friends can indulge in delicious halal savoury dimsum and a wide range of Malaysian delights in a relaxing and comfortable setting.

Derived from the combination of the words “Santai” which means relax in local vocabulary and “yumcha” which is associated with getting together a cup of tea, Santai Yamch’a is just the ideal place to come together for a moment’s relaxation from your work or from shopping with the family and indulge your senses in an excellent and pleasing meal…

Santai has a menu offering a variety of dishes from noodles, dim sum, rice and many more.

I was there recently with some friends to celebrate one of my friends who was going for her Umrah… and we ordered a few dishes to share and try

Our drinks came first…
There was the refreshing Empat Sekawan (RM8.80) that consists of 4 different types of citrus – lime, lemon, calamansi lime, and kaffir lime. I had the Sirap Bandung Cincau (RM8.80) which was pretty good and refreshing. There’s also cham ice (RM7.80) and other drinks such as Lychee soda (RM8.80)and Lemongrass ginger pandan tea (RM5.50)

We ordered their Fried Rice with Salted Chicken Chop (RM17.80), Mala Mee Tarik with Beef Slices (RM25.80), Dry Mee Tarik with Chicken Teriyaki (RM20.80), and Nasi Lemak Bunga Telang with Whole Fried Chicken Leg (RM25.80) and Signature Fried Chicken Wings ( 4 pcs) with Korean Ramyeon (RM26.80)

I definitely loved the Fried Rice with Salted Chicken Chop…. And the Mala Mee Tarik with Beef Slices was tongue numbing as to be expected but not as spicy as some other places… the Dry Mee Tarik was really complemented with the yummy Chicken Teriyaki….

My favourite would be the Nasi Lemak that comes with the lovely blue hue from the butterfly pea flower also known as bunge telang, known for its health benefits and blue colouring, served with a crispy and juicy fried whole chicken leg, delicious sambal and nasi lemak accompaniments

The ramyeon was packed with flavours and the slightly spicy… It comes served with the Signature Fried Chicken Wings which makes it pretty irresistible delectable.

We also had some dim sum … when you are at Santai and do not try their selection of dim sum , it is a crying shane…they are famous for their dim sum which ranges from siew mai to har kao, salted egg custard bun and many more. They are delicious and every mouthful is just a taste of heaven. Plan a dim sum day here with your friends and family, and they will appreciate it too!!!!

And who can resist the Nerd Red Bean Bao (RM10.80 2 pcs) and Custard Lava Bao (RM12.80 2 pcs) which are so cute , instagrammable and yet delicious…

I like their Gyoza 3 pcs (RM10.80) which has been perfectly pan fried and served with their homemade sauce…

..and their Prawn Cheong Fan (RM16.80) is just so tasty with the shrimp sambal!! Or you can also choose original, BBQ chicken or egg Cheong Fan if prawn isn’t your thing…

You should not miss the Shanghai Red Oil Dumpling (RM12.80), Prawn Beancurd Roll (RM9.80) and Prawn Salad (RM13.80)…

And the regular Hargao (RM12.80) and Prawn Siew Mai (RM12.80) and Loh Mai Kai (RM10.80) are jusy so fresh and delicious!!! Seriously let’s have another dimsum feast !!! It is really so good and satisfactory…..

Santai Yamch’a Dim Sum is definitely one of my favorite restaurants at 1 Utama Shopping Centre but they have other outlets at Sky Avenue Genting, Genting Highlands Premium Outlets, Seremban 2 and Seri Kembangan… so go check it out at the nearest Santai Yamch’a Dim Sum!!!

Address: LG, Foodstreet, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, 122, Central Park Avenue, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone: 03-7495 9093

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