Hotel review 2019 – Strawberry Park Resort, Cameron Highlands


My first stay in Cameron Highlands is at the Strawberry Park Resort… I have been to Cameron Highlands twice previously but it was just a day trip thingie on the way back from Ipoh…

This trip however, we decided to stay over.. And it was at the Strawberry Park Resort…

Just about 10 minutes from Brinchang, the winding road we had to take to the hotel did make me a bit nervous but it was a whole load less scarier then the winding narrow roads leading to the Sg Palas Boh Plantations…the hotel is located at a hill with lovely views of either the Cameron valley, some parts of the Mossy Forest, or its neighbouring hilltops..


Strawberry Park Resort offers a pretty little stay with beautifully furnished rooms and  services that comes with a touch of mountain rustic with dash of city sophistication…


Checking in was a breeze with the professional and pleasant receptionist who issued the key card to the rooms.. Our suites were at another block so we drove the car up there… There is however some stairs which you can use to get from the upper buildings to the lobby and pool..


We got two beautiful Tioga Deluxe Suites each which were about 55.2 sqm in size…


The luxurious Tioga Deluxe Suite is furnished with polished wooding flooring, a 3 seater sofa and large coffee table…

The Tioga Deluxe Suite is available with either a king bed or two super single slumberland beds, which was our preference… It also came with a private balcony where one can enjoy the shady trees in the hill forest…


The Tioga Deluxe Suite definitely wowed me with the spaciousness and it also came with a spacious modern bathroom with black granite flooring, classic polkadot feature walls and an open concept walldrobe that is linked to the bathroom…


I have to say I love the beautiful nature and ambience here which was just so serene, peaceful and cooling.…


There were just three little “scary” encounters… One was when exiting our suites and my friend was shocked to see a “tall white thing” there which just turned out to be a spare bed placed at the corridor with a white cover over it..

The second scary encounter was the earth shattering (OK, just adding a bit more drama to it) shriek of my friend in the next room.. We rushed over to see him waving his hands in panic.. And the source of his terror?? A big brown cricket on the toilet wall… Hahaha..

The third one was a bit more scary.. I went to the toilet while my friends were all in my room watching a movie on the TV.. Then I opened the door and squinted in slight confusion as the room was plunged into darkness.. Then three idiots jumped in front of me with a “boo”.. I felt like slapping them… Duhhh…


There is a heated indoor swimming pool and sauna at the resort located at the main lobby building, as well as  beautiful landscaping and flowers a plenty all around the resort…


There are also several restaurants in the hotel but we only went for our breakfast. The spread was pretty good and they even had some jamu on the buffet line..


It sure was a lovely experience getting to stay here..


Thanks to Pahang Tourism and Strawberry Park Resort for hosting us…

Address – Strawberry Park Resort
P.O. Box 81, Lot 195 & 196,
39000 Tanah Rata,
Cameron Highlands,
Pahang Darul Makmur

Website –

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